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Module details

4MARK001W: Marketing Principles – Session 1

Level 4

This module provides students with an introduction to marketing and its role in business and society. It gives students an overview of the principles underpinning marketing activities, and is both an introduction to the subject area. The module aims to introduce the key concepts of marketing, an understanding of consumer behaviour, and an evaluation and application of marketing tools in the context of contemporary major social and environmental issues.

6PJMN001W: International Project Management – Session 1

Level 6

The module focuses on the issues surrounding the management of international projects. This is achieved by providing a fundamental understanding of project management and how projects are managed in an international context.

4HURM007W: The Role of the Manager – Session 1

Level 4

This module is intended to prepare students for supervisory and managerial roles and, as such, deals with the core skills involved in management. These include delegation, managerial & leadership styles, motivation; chairing meetings, workplace counselling, staff development, identifying and managing conflict and negotiating skills.

The module aims to help students identify how people become managers, what the role of the manager is and how to maximise their effectiveness in that role. Real-life examples are offered throughout, with the variations in styles of management and leadership required by different organisations and different cultures taken into consideration.

All students attending this module need to read this article before the start of the programme.

4BUSS003W: The Business of Sport – Session 1

Level 4

Sport is a high profile global business, which excites and entertains, builds allegiances and generates intense rivalries. As such it provides the perfect medium to explore important business concepts of relevance for private, public and not-for-profit organisations. The module looks at concepts such as of value and price in sport, the market for (and marketing of) sports products and services, issues of CSR and ethics in sport and the role of government regulations.

4BUSS002W: Entertaining London – Session 2

Level 4

London is one of the entertainment centres of the world. It is home to world-class theatres, music venues, museums, galleries, festivals and much else. A varied ‘cultural’ sector is essential for a world city; it generates income, builds creativity and attracts tourists and other visitors. This module covers the business of entertainment – its funding, management and marketing, and the role played by private, non-profit organisations and government in its provision.

4MARK006W: The Power of Brands – Session 2

Level 4

Creating and managing successful brands is a source of competitive advantage to modern organizations. This module provides students with the fundamental understanding of brands, brand positioning and brand portfolio management. It engages students by practical demonstration of the effective use of marketing and branding tools. At the heart of an effective brand strategy, is its seamless integration with the marketing mix. A successful brand plan does not only address how the brand will be communicated but also how it will be protected

Site visits: Students will visit the Museum of Brands and the Peckham Market.

Note: these visits are subject to change.

5ECON005W: Money Banking and Financial Markets – Session 2

Level 5

This module is designed to provide an introduction to the flow of funds in the economy, the banking sector and to financial markets and systems, all of which are essential to the functioning of modern economies. Although the module is about financial systems in general, there will be frequent reference to contemporary issues and problems, and to their historical antecedents. The approach will incorporate a blend of published economic and financial data, and as far as possible, international comparisons.

6BUSS007W: International Business – Session 2

Level 6

The Module explores the wider business environment and the significance of major global trends. The impact upon international businesses of the global trade institutions and of governments is studied for companies of various sizes and types. Major topics include, foreign direct investment, culture and management practice, assessing the attractiveness of markets, ethics and the management of risk internationally. The decisions and issues faced by international managers are studied from the perspective of various functions including Finance, HRM, Marketing and Operations.

Please note: occasionally we may be unable to offer some of the classes listed above, so please select a first and second choice for each session you are applying for. It is your responsibility to ensure both choices are pre-approved for credit by your home institution before applying.

In the event that your first choice is not available, we will automatically register you for your alternative choice. In the unlikely event that your alternative module choice should be cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance, we will contact you directly via email to notify you of the cancellation and to request a further module choice.