This pathway gives you access to classes in communication, fashion and media. The University of Westminster’s College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries has an impressive reputation, with one of the most varied arts and media portfolios in Europe.

It prepares you not only to enter the creative industries, but to shape and lead them.

Inspired by London, all classes are hands-on and cover areas such as photography, television and culture. During the programme you will have access to the extensive, state-of-the-art facilities at our Harrow Campus, equipped with high-end professional studios, workshops, laboratories, editing suites, industry-standard TV studios and specialist equipment.

Module details

4TVPR001X Television in London – Sessions 1 and 2

Level 4

By working in one large and several small groups students devise and produce a factual programme realised in a multi-camera studio. They will also produce a studio-based multi-camera television show and a one 25-minute live magazine programme. Through practice in the studio students learn the procedures and protocols necessary for shooting within a large crew, an ‘as live’ TV studio show. Students learn how to schedule, source talent, produce a running order, design and build a simple set and work collectively towards the recording of a live show in a proscribed amount of ‘on-air’ time. There is an emphasis on collective responsibility and problem solving. Students write a personal log plus a reflective and a critical analysis of the production process and their finished programme.

Site visits: students will be shooting at sites around London.

4IMAG012X Photographing the City: London – Sessions 1 and 2

Level 4

This module is concerned with an investigation of the city as represented through historical and contemporary photography. Through a series of lectures, workshops, photo walks and gallery visits students gain a critical perspective on the city as a social, cultural, architectural and artistic phenomenon. Through a research and development process they focus on an aspect of the city to represent through their own photographic project.

Site visits: students will have a workshop in the famous Victoria & Albert Museum. In addition, they will visit exhibitions in the Museum of London or Whitechapel and Barbican galleries.

Note: these visits are subject to change.

4JRNL007X London: Culture Capital of the World – Session 2

Level 4

This module offers students an introduction to the arts, entertainment, fashion, architecture and history that have made London the world’s most influential and vital cultural hub. From rock legends to the Royal Opera, Shakespeare to shock art and cathedrals to Canary Wharf, this module describes how London emerged from the ashes of war to become the most vibrant and culturally rich city on earth. It aims to give students an overall appreciation of London culture and to teach them the skills they need to write fluent, confident and relevant reviews across a variety of arts and entertainment genres. It will also give students an introduction to the various ways the arts are covered across all media platforms and to the work of some key London artists, designers and performers.

Site visits: Banksy exhibition.

Note: site visits are subject to change.

Please note: occasionally we may be unable to offer some of the classes listed above, so please select a first and second choice for each session you are applying for. It is your responsibility to ensure both choices are pre-approved for credit by your home institution before applying.

In the event that your first choice is not available, we will automatically register you for your alternative choice. In the unlikely event that your alternative module choice should be cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance, we will contact you directly via email to notify you of the cancellation and to request a further module choice.