Studying at Westminster

Programme of study

Nomination to Study at the University of Westminster

You must be nominated to study at the University of Westminster as an exchange student by your home university.

Visiting Student Exchange Application

If your nomination is successful the Education Abroad Team will send an online application link for you to complete. In order to submit your application you need to upload your supporting documents, such as a transcript and proof of English language ability (if applicable). Full instructions on how to complete the application will be given with the online form and you are able to print a copy of the application once you have submitted it.

Credit Load and Mode of Study

Most one-semester modules at Westminster are worth 20 UK credits. The full-time module load for a student at the University of Westminster usually equates to three modules per semester, or the equivalent of 60 UK credits per semester. You must study full-time while at the University of Westminster.

Workload Westminster credits Equivalent ECTS credits
Academic year 120 credits (6 modules) 60 credits
One semester 60 credits (3 modules) 30 credits
One module 20 credits 10 ECTS credits

Credit & Grade Equivalencies

Please remember it is your responsibility to verify with your home university how your credits will transfer to your home degree and to ensure that if you have any specific study requirements for your exchange that these are agreed upon (if possible) prior to your decision to accept your offer of exchange. Grades on your transcript will appear as percentage grades and credit transfer is done by your home institution. The methodology applied to both credit and grade equivalency is determined by your home institution.

Academic Assessment and Transcripts

The pass mark for all undergraduate modules is 40% with some modules requiring a minimum pass mark, for example 40%, in each element of assessment. The minimum pass mark for a module at the postgraduate level is 50%. At the end of the exchange period your grades are confirmed by both internal and external assessors and a transcript (record) of your results will be sent to either your home address or your home university (depending on the partnership arrangements in place).

Your transcript is issued by the Faculty Registry that your exchange is associated with. Your Faculty Registry is located on the University campus you will be studying at. The Registry is there to provide you with assistance relating to your enrolment.

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