Since its launch, career mentoring at Westminster has supported, inspired and enabled thousands of students and recent graduates with developing the skills to set them apart in the workplace and improve their career prospects. Through completing our scheme, mentees have the opportunity to grow their confidence, build their professional networks and refine their employability skills.

Career Mentoring Scheme

All of our mentors are experienced professionals who work in a variety of roles and industries. They can help you to reach your personal and professional goals and objectives by providing you with realistic advice, support and opportunities to develop and grow. The Career Mentoring Scheme is open to all students at the University and recent graduates from the last three years. 

Examples of industries that our mentors come from:

  • Accountancy, Banking and Finance
  • Architecture, Property and Construction
  • Business and Finance 
  • Charity, Voluntary and Non-Profits
  • Civil Service and Government
  • Computing and Information Technology
  • Education and Teaching
  • Health and Social Care
  • Law and Legal Services
  • Marketing, Advertising and PR
  • Media and Publishing
  • Sciences and Research 

National Mentoring Consortium (NMC) Mentoring Scheme

The University of Westminster is proud to be a member of the NMC which aims to promote equality and diversity in graduate level roles. If you are a UK undergraduate student and come from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background, you may be eligible for this scheme. 

Employers who have previously participated in this scheme include:

  • Met Police Service
  • Bank of England
  • Royal National Theatre
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • The Crown Prosecution Service
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • UK Border Force
  • HM Treasury

If you meet the criteria for the NMC Mentoring Scheme, you will automatically be considered for a place without having to complete a separate application form, just apply for the Career Mentoring Scheme as usual.

Things to consider before applying

It’s important to bear in mind that this scheme is popular, and we only have a certain number of mentors available within a chosen industry. We work hard to match mentees with someone from their desired industry, but this is not guaranteed. 

A mentor from another career area will also be able to draw on a range of skills to develop, advise and support you, and may be able to use their professional network to connect you with colleagues in areas of interest to you. This can still lead to a highly successful relationship.

If we are unable to find a suitable match for you, we may transfer you to the next mentoring cycle or find an appropriate mentor for a one-off conversation through the Ask a Mentor service.

Application process

  • The application process involves an application form through Engage, group interview and introduction session.
  • If successful, the next stage involves attending a group interview and training workshop so that we can assess your application further and give you a chance to learn more about the scheme. 
  • Based on your career interest and the availability of suitable mentors, you may be transferred onto an alternative cycle.

How your application will be assessed:

  • Quality of your application
  • Motivation and commitment to the scheme

Commitments during the scheme

If your application is successful, and you have accepted your place onto the mentoring scheme, you agree to:

  • Have at least five mentoring sessions in Cycle 1 (November to May) or Cycle 2 (April to October), with each session lasting at least one hour.
  • Attend the Meet Your Mentor event. If your mentor is attending – this can count as the first meeting requirement.
  • Take the lead in scheduling the mentoring sessions, developing your learning objectives and providing us with monthly reflective logs through Engage.
  • Submit a mid-term review and an end-of-scheme evaluation form, so that we can see how you’re getting on and how we may be able to improve.
  • If you experience any issue relating to mentoring, you should contact our team directly: [email protected].

Apply for Career Mentoring