Choosing where to live while studying can seem overwhelming, with many things to consider such as budget, location and type of accommodation.

For those students who apply through Clearing, finding accommodation at a University you didn’t originally plan to attend can be worrying as it may seem that there are few options left.

However, here at the University of Westminster we have a dedicated Student Accommodation Team who offer help and advice on finding a suitable place to live in London.

As soon as you receive your offer from the University of Westminster, you are eligible to start applying for accommodation. We recommend doing this as soon as possible to give yourself the best choice of securing a place as halls of residence are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis..

At Westminster we offer several different accommodation options, as detailed below.

1) Halls of residence

We have two halls of residence available to all full-time students which offer a variety of living options (part-time students should seek advice from our Student Accommodation Team). 

Please visit Applying for Halls for advice on how to apply for a place.

Once you are offered a place of residence in our halls, you will need to respond to your offer by the deadline given, or risk your place being allocated to someone else.

2) Private accommodation

There are many options with private rented accommodation and the Student Accommodation Team are available to guide and assist you on making the best decision.

Options include private halls, private renting, house-shares and homestays. Visit our Private Rented Accommodation page for more information.

Student Accommodation Team

Moving to and living in London is an exciting time for many. Our friendly and informative Student Accommodation Team will help with all your housing issues, including finding accommodation, tenancy agreements and dealing with landlords. Please contact our Student Accommodation Team with your questions and to help you get the best out of your student life in the capital.

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