The University of Westminster’s Learning and Teaching Strategy for 2015-2020 was developed to:

  • set out the strategic priorities of the University with respect to learning and teaching
  • align with the University’s Being Westminster Strategy
  • embody the principles of learning and teaching developed through the Learning Futures programme

Find the PDFs below:

The strategic priorities set out by the Learning and Teaching Strategy are:

Employability-focused curriculum

We will offer a distinctive, challenging and inspiring curriculum designed to develop the capabilities our graduates need to be highly employable, effective practitioners with a global perspective in a constantly evolving professional world.

Learning communities

We will foster learning communities in which students, staff and other stakeholders work collaboratively as partners in the construction of knowledge and understanding and in the development of the curriculum.

Research, inquiry and practice

We will maintain learning, teaching and assessment practices that enable students to experience learning through research and inquiry, and through engagement with disciplinary and professional practices.

Inclusivity and flexibility

We will promote an inclusive curriculum that caters for the requirements and expectations of our diverse learning communities.

Teaching and supporting learning

We will ensure that those involved in teaching and supporting learning are appropriately qualified, supported and rewarded and that our learning and teaching practices are informed by scholarship and reflection.

Technology and infrastructure

We will integrate technologies into our learning environment to enhance learning and teaching, and we will develop an infrastructure that supports active participation in learning opportunities.