Julian Page

MA International Business and Development, 2006

Julian started Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT) in 2006, directly after finishing his degree, and headed to the town of Babati in Northern Tanzania – specifically to the worst primary school in the area, Waangwaray – to make a difference. Eleven years on, LTT has helped the community form a Community Based Organisation, employing 11 local people who are trained and empowered to help develop their fellow citizens.

Physically, LTT has developed six local schools, including building and renovating over 35 classrooms, creating water and electricity supplies and internet access, and creating numerous girl-friendly toilet blocks and fuel-efficient kitchens. Furthermore, LTT ensures over 1,500 school children get fed each school day (by their parents), and has set up numerous hygiene and training programmes within schools and communities. LTT’s award-winning education and enterprise programmes give the people pride and confidence, moving whole communities out of poverty, and allowing them to stand on their own two feet.


Shama Verma

BSc (Hons) Computing, 1990

Shama’s non-profit organisation, The Verma Foundation, designs custom cap wigs at no cost for women and children fighting cancer across the United States and dealing with the emotional side effects of hair loss. In 2018, The Verma Foundation launched a ‘Put a Cap on Cancer’ campaign to raise enough money to produce free hats with hair for 500 female and children cancer patients.

Dr Victoria Harmer

MBA, 2004

Dr Harmer acts as a Key Worker to people diagnosed with breast cancer, and is lead nurse for both the symptomatic and breast screening services. She is involved in an ongoing training programme for nurses in Dubai, Oman and Saudi Arabia, and has published over 70 articles for nursing and medical journals.