The historic Regent Street Cinema has been restored and re-opened by the University of Westminster.

As the first ever venue to show moving film to an audience in 1896, the cinema now plays a key role in inspiring young people and others to learn, share and experience the heritage of film.

Drawing on the University’s longstanding reputation in film education, the Cinema provides a unique opportunity to engage people from all walks of life, including those who wouldn’t otherwise benefit from the cultural learning, life-enriching experiences and enjoyment it offers.

Reaching different audiences

A range of activities and programmes form part of the Regent Street Cinema’s mission to engage people from all communities:

  • Low-cost screenings through the Kids Kino Club
  • Filmmaker workshops and School Holiday Activity programmes
  • Classic Matinee screenings with low-cost entry for over-55s
  • Special activities targeted at vulnerable groups
  • Schools outreach and engagement

Your support will help ensure the Regent Street Cinema continues to play a key role at the centre of our community, sharing our heritage and reaching the widest possible audience.

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