On this page, you will find an overview of how our 2021/22 postgraduate courses will be delivered if we are required by the UK Government to limit our presence on campus and/or implement social distancing. 

Should we need to respond to any new government guidance, the following measures would be likely:

  • Tutorials and other teaching would be delivered online 
  • Any exams on your course would be delivered online as timed assessments
  • Our course teams would provide virtual alternatives to field trips and visits
  • Work placement opportunities might need to be postponed or alternatives offered, depending on the workplace environment

Also, government travel restrictions might require us to cancel or limit opportunities for studying and working abroad,  particularly in the 2021/22 academic year. 

This information should be read in conjunction with any previous information you have received regarding your course – including course and module handbooks and information previously published on our website, in the programme specification, in our prospectus or associated brochures, any videos, open days, or other promotional materials.

Please note: Choosing to continue with your application or proceeding with re-enrolment means you accept these changes, if they become necessary, and are happy to progress on the basis of the information provided here.

Changes to courses with specialist teaching and/or resources

The documents below outline how courses that require specialist teaching and/or resources will be accessed. Details on how other courses, which do not require specialist teaching and/or resources, will be delivered can be found in the section below.

Changes to other courses

The document below outlines how courses that do not require specialist teaching and/or resources will be accessed.

The Course Changes 2021-22 document applies to the following courses, which are listed A-Z.

  • Advanced Software Engineering MSc
  • Air Transport Planning and Management MSc 2021-22
  • Art and Visual Culture MA 2021-22
  • Big Data Technologies MSc 2021-22
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics MSc 2021-22
  • Communication MA 2021-22
  • Construction Commercial Management MSc 2021-22
  • Construction Project Management MSc 2021-22
  • Corporate Finance Law LLM 2021-22
  • Creative Writing MA 2021-22
  • Cultural and Critical Studies MA 2021-22
  • Cyber Security and Forensics MSc 2021-22
  • Data Culture and Society MA 2021-22
  • Digital Business MSc 2021-22
  • Diversity and the Media MA 2021-22
  • Economic Policy and Analysis MSc 2021-22
  • Energy and Environmental Change MA 2021-22
  • English Language and Linguistics MA 2021-22
  • English Language and Literature MA 2021-22
  • English Literature Modern and Contemporary Fictions MA 2021-22
  • Entertainment Law LLM 2021-22
  • Entrepreneurship Innovation and Enterprise Development MSc 2021-22
  • Event Design and Management MA 2021-22

  • Global Media Business MA 2021-22
  • Global Media MA 2021-22
  • Graduate Diploma in Law 2021-22
  • Human Resource Management MA 2021-22
  • International and Commercial Dispute Resolution Law LLM 2021-22
  • International Business and Management MA-MSc 2021-22
  • International Commercial Law LLM 2021-22
  • International Development Management MSc 2021-22
  • International Human Resource Management MA 2021-22
  • International Law LLM 2021-22
  • International Liaison and Communication MA 2021-22
  • International Media Business MA 2021-22
  • International Planning and Sustainable Development MA 2021-22
  • International Relations and Democratic Politics MA 2021-22
  • International Relations and Security MA 2021-22
  • International Relations MA 2021-22
  • Legal Practice PG Diploma and LLM 2021-22
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc 2021-22

  • Management MA 2021-22
  • Media and Development MA 2021-22
  • Media Campaigning and Social Change MA 2021-22
  • Media Management MA 2021-22
  • Museums Galleries and Contemporary Culture MA 2021-22
  • Museums Galleries and Contemporary Culture MA 2021-22 with Professional Experience
  • PGCert Higher Education PT
  • Project Management MSc 2021-22
  • Public Relations MA 2021-22
  • Real Estate Development MSc 2021-22
  • Social Enterprise MSc 2021-22
  • Social Media and Digital Communication MA 2021-22
  • Software Engineering (Conversion) MSc 2021-22
  • Software Engineering MEng 2021-22
  • Specialised Translation MA 2021-22
  • Sustainability Management and Innovation MSc 2021-22
  • TESOL MA 2021-22
  • Tourism Management MA 2021-22
  • Transport Planning and Management MSc 2021-22
  • University Awards in Higher Education 
  • Urban Regional Planning MA 2021-22
  • Urban Regional Planning MA RTPI Professional Apprenticeship 2021-22