Joint Scholarships

The University of Westminster works in partnership with a number of organisations across the world to provide our students with more funding opportunities.

Please note that you cannot apply directly to Westminster for the joint scholarships listed below. Each has its own application process so you will need to contact the relevant organisation to find out more about the application process and eligibility requirements for each specific scholarship.

External opportunities

From time to time, the Scholarships Office is notified of scholarships, internships and other opportunities that are arranged by organisations outside of the University. The opportunities we receive are posted below.

Please note that these opportunities are not in partnership with the University of Westminster. We have merely been informed that our students may qualify to apply. Thus, if you require any further information about the opportunities below, please contact the respective organisation directly.

Short Course Scholarships

We are working to grow the number of short course scholarships to assist foreign students. We provide the Nutrition in Emergencies Scholarship, which is for students from developing countries that wish to study on the Nutrition in Emergency short course at the University of Westminster, which will run in July 2017. Please see below for further details.

The Distant Horizon Awards

The Distant Horizon Awards are international travel awards for our current undergraduate students who wish to take part in academic or career-related events or activities overseas but who may not have the financial capability to do so. Experience abroad promotes learning beyond traditional undergraduate courses, allowing you to gain perspective on other cultures, travel to exciting destinations, and enhance your career perspectives. Now is the time to go global!

Please note that the award cannot be used for everyday travel (ie Oyster travel cards), or travel that has already occurred. Though ERASMUS students are eligible to apply, these applicants must provide supporting evidence that their ERASMUS grant does not cover this type of academic event referenced in the application.

The award covers travel costs, such as international transportation (eg flights, trains), accommodation and related participation fees (eg conference fees, registration fees). The award would not cover equipment or daily subsistence.

Quintin Hogg Trust Awards

The University of Westminster has an unparalleled track record of supporting students through their higher education experience and recently we were Highly Commended by the Times Higher awards for our outstanding student financial support package.

The Quintin Hogg Trust has generously funded a number of scholarships for current students. Please note that whilst you may be eligible for both awards, you may only apply for one. These scholarships will not take into account any other funding you may have from other sources.