Course offers and scholarships

Before you can apply for a scholarship, you must first apply for and hold an offer on a course at the University of Westminster. Once you hold either a conditional or unconditional offer on a course, you will be provided with a confirmation email/ letter by the admissions office and then you may apply for a scholarship. 

Guidance on how to apply for admission on a course can be found on these pages:

It can take from four to six weeks to get a course offer, so you should apply for admission to your chosen course/s at least six weeks before the relevant scholarship application deadline date.

Most offers of scholarships will be made conditional on students achieving required grades, which are usually of a higher standard than the entry requirements for the course.

Eligibility for scholarships

Each of our scholarships has its own set of eligibility criteria which you should check carefully to make sure you are eligible before you apply. 

The higher value scholarships are the most competitive, so we advise you to choose carefully which scholarship you apply for based on whether you meet the eligibility criteria and your true level of financial need.

Please note: you are only able to apply for ONE scholarship. Submission of multiple applications (for example, one for a half fee and one for a part fee scholarship) will result in an automatic rejection, because your financial need is unclear. 

Application criteria

General criteria

If you answer yes to any of the questions below you will not be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Have you applied for a scholarship within the last 2 years and been unsuccessful?

If you are rejected for a University of Westminster scholarship, you cannot reapply for two calendar years. For example, if your application for September 2019 is rejected, the next scholarship programme you can apply for is September 2021.

Do you already have an equivalent level qualification?

If you already have an Equivalent Level Qualification (ELQ) you are ineligible to apply for a scholarship. So, if you are a graduate applying for another undergraduate degree or a Master’s graduate applying for a postgraduate degree you are treated as an ELQ student. The only exception to this, is if your international Master’s qualification is regarded as equivalent to a UK undergraduate degree.

Have you already obtained a degree in a developed country at your own expense?

If you have already obtained a degree in a developed country, you will not be eligible to apply for one of our full scholarships (covering flights, accommodation, tuition fees and living expenses). You may, however, apply for one of our tuition fee award scholarships, providing that you meet the eligibility criteria.

Ineligible courses

Please note that if your course falls into one or more of the below categories then you are not eligible to apply for a scholarship:

  • Postgraduate Diploma (e.g. Graduate Diploma in Law)
  • Professional practice courses (e.g. RIBA pt III)
  • Conversion courses
  • Integrated Masters
  • PhD

Academic criteria

Undergraduate students (International and UK/EU)

Academic excellence is a criterion for all our undergraduate scholarships. As we have students applying from various different education systems from across the world, we do not provide a fixed interpretation of academic excellence; however, your exam results must demonstrate a high level academic achievement in order to be competitive.

Postgraduate students

Our postgraduate scholarships require different undergraduate degree requirements depending on the value of the scholarship:

Full scholarship (Flights, accommodation, tuition fees and living expenses) Equivalent of a UK First Class undergraduate degree
Part tuition fee award (Fee only) Equivalent of a UK 2:1 undergraduate degree

Please see our postgraduate overseas academic qualifications equivalency guide to see if you are eligible to apply for a scholarship. 

Documentation you need to apply

As well as completing the relevant Scholarship application form, you will need to provide the following supporting documentation:

  • A copy of the letter/email from the University of Westminster confirming your conditional or unconditional offer of a place on your chosen course.
  • An official copy of your transcript from your most recent/current academic study.
  • A reference letter written specifically in support of your scholarship application. This should be written by a previous tutor, professor, academic or employer (where relevant to your chosen degree course) and cannot be the same reference provided as part of your admission application.

Please note: certified translations of any supporting documents written in languages other than English must be provided. Please do not send your own personal copies or originals of documents as we are unable to return these to you.

Volunteering requirement

The Scholarships Office at the University of Westminster requires that, with some exceptions, each scholarship should have a voluntary hour requirement.

The purpose of these volunteering hours is to encourage the student to give back to the University and the local community.  This benefits the community and also encourages students to involve themselves in activities outside of their studies.

If you have more questions about your volunteering hours or want to find more information, see our volunteering guidance page.

Paying the £4,000 deposit as an international scholarship applicant

The University’s deposits scheme for international students means that if you hold an unconditional offer you will be required to make a payment of £4,000 before you are given a student visa support letter, which may be used to apply for your visa for entry to the UK.

As a scholarship applicant, you can wait until you know the outcome of your scholarship application before paying this deposit. It is recommended that you check with the UK Visas and Immigration on how long it takes to process visas during the June to August period. If you are awarded a full scholarship or a full fee scholarship you will not be required to pay this deposit and your admissions office will be notified of this. If you are awarded a half fee or part fee scholarship, you will be required to pay the £4,000 deposit.

If you’re coming to Westminster to study regardless of whether or not you get a scholarship, you should try and pay the deposit as soon as possible. If you are later awarded a scholarship that includes full tuition fee costs, you will be entitled to a refund of this deposit.

For more information on how to pay your fees, please visit the paying your fees page.

For more information on the Tier 4 policy and maintenance and living costs please visit the Tier 4 Visa page.

Once you have read all of the information on this page and are ready to find out more about how to make a scholarship application, you can visit our How to apply page.