Erasmus+ and international work placements

If your degree allows you to, you may be able to take part in a work placement overseas for credit as part of your degree. To find out more, contact your faculty’s Outward Mobility Officer.

To find out more about work placement opportunities and how to apply contact the Outward Mobility Team. Please also notify the Outward Mobility Team if you have secured your own international placement.

Erasmus+ grants and work placements

If you embark on a work placement as part of your degree and go to study in a country that is part of the Erasmus+ programme, you could be eligible for a grant to help support you during your placement.

For details of the Erasmus+ programme and grant, visit our Erasmus+ page.

The Erasmus Student Network hosts an Erasmus Intern website where students can search for internships in Europe. Students can also search for Teaching Assistant Placements in Schools.

More about work placements

For information on internships abroad, as well as a wealth of other related resources visit the Going Global website.

Here you can find: 

  • advice on how to structure your CV (by country)
  • information on visas and work permits
  • advice on interview culture and practice (by country)
  • financial considerations
  • employment trends
  • cultural advice
  • business organisation and networking groups

You'll also find information on other work placement opportunities, as well as general careers advice, on our Career Development Centre webpages.

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Going Global

Visit the Going Global website.

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Funding your experience

Find out about grants, scholarships and other means of funding your exchange.

Find out about grants, scholarships and other means of funding your exchange.