At the University of Westminster we recognise our partnership with private sector landlords is a vital one.

We offer places in halls for 1,500 students out of a total student population of more than 23,000, which leaves a big market for advertising property through our housing lists. We strongly believe that a student living in the private sector still views it as part of their overall student experience, and therefore we insist on landlords taking the welfare of our students seriously.

We do not place students into private rented accommodation directly but provide them with the information they need in order to look for it themselves.

We are keen to help mediate in disputes that students and landlords may have, but ultimately it is up to the individual parties to solve the problems. The main role which we have is to maintain an up-to-date housing list.

Advertising rooms

It is currently free to advertise rooms and properties with us, and all fully enrolled, full-time students have easy online access to the list.

If you would like to advertise on our housing list, please download a Landlord registration form and return it, along with relevant Gas Safety Certificates, HMO licences and proof of ownership and other relevant documents, to the address provided.

We cannot advertise a property without a valid, up-to-date Gas Safety certificate and will ask for documents confirming that a landlord has the right to let the property.

We also ask you to contact us once your property has been let. 

Deposit schemes and insurance

Landlords, where appropriate, are also expected to register with one of the Tenancy Deposit Schemes. If this is not done then we will advise students as to the appropriate routes to take further action.

As a landlord, you may also want to cover the building and your contents with insurance. Endsleigh is a provider of landlord insurance and offers a 10% discount for landlords that rent homes to students.

A new registration form will be needed each year and we require one per property.

Please take the time to read our Landlord Guide (see below) before returning the registration forms, and if you have any questions, please contact our office on the contact details below.

Contact us

T: (0)20 7911 5817
F: (0)20 7911 5037

E: [email protected]