Places in halls of residence are allocated according to the University's priority categories. These categories are listed further down this page.

Due to the limited number of halls of residence places, it is normally only possible to allocate places to students in the first three categories for the start of the academic year.

Students who are not allocated a place can request to be put on a waiting list and students in all categories may be offered a place later in the academic year.

Halls of residence application

Places can only be allocated to University of Westminster students who have completed a valid halls of residence application and have firmly accepted a place on a course, where the course and the student's mode of attendance are full-time.

Students must accept any offer of a room in halls of residence by the deadline given and must provide all the necessary documentation and the deposit in order for a room to be held. Once an offer has been made, students cannot transfer to a different room or halls of residence.

Places are allocated for the standard academic year from September–June.

While the needs of international students are recognised, the University aims to have a mixed community in its halls of residence and operates the policy in order to maintain a mix of UK and international students.

Find more details on our Applying for halls page.

Priority categories

1. Students with a relevant disability or a severe medical condition which would otherwise prevent them from attending the University without a place in halls.

Students who have a disability or medical condition relevant to their housing requirement should make available to the Student Accommodation Team a recent medical report from their Consultant. This must be provided as soon as an application is made. Disability may include long term mental health as well as physical disabilities. Medical reports will be passed to the University Health Service, where a decision will be made on a case by case basis. Prior to making its decision the University Health Service may require additional information or for the student to book and attend a consultation.

Care leavers may also fall within category 1 and are required to provide supportive evidence from their local authority. Qualifying care leavers may be offered hall accommodation for the duration of their initial course.

2. International students who are new to the University and participating on programmes identified by a Campus as having particular strategic importance. Number of places required under this scheme to be advised by 1 May. Nominations of students to be advised by the Deans and Hall applications received before 1 July. Any places for which nominations are not received by 1 July will revert to the pool for categories 3-8.

3. The following are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Undergraduate students who are new to the University.
  • Postgraduate students who are new to the University.
  • Final year students who have not been in hall before.

NB: A limited number of rooms are reserved for postgraduate and final year students.

4. Continuing (non-final year) students who have not been in hall before.

5. Final year students who have been in hall before.

6. Continuing (non-final year) students who have been in hall before.

7. Students who have been offered a hall place which they did not accept.

Please note: Students with hall debts or who have been found to be in breach of the University Code of Conduct under the University's Disciplinary Procedure will not normally be considered again for a place in hall.

Students nominated under category 2 are normally guaranteed a place in hall for 1 year. No other students are guaranteed a place. A limited number of places are available for single semester students.