IT discounts and free software

As a student here, you can buy discounted computers and laptops from Dell and Apple.

Free software

We provide free Symantec antivirus software for students, as well as free SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solutions) software and Nvivo.

Microsoft Office 365

Your student username and password enable you to use the University’s licence for Office 365 on up to five PCs or Macs for free. You’ll be able to use the University’s Office 365 licence during your studies here at Westminster and it will expire after your graduation.

Once you get started with Office 365 you will be able to co-edit your work using Office applications online, in real time – anywhere, any time, on any device.

If you are signing up for the first time to start using OneDrive and download the Office package, you will need to:

  1. Go to the Office 365 login page.
  2. Enter your username, which is your student University username followed by Your student University username is w followed by the first 7 digits on your student ID card. For example, if your University username is w1234567, your Office 365 username will be [email protected]. Do not confuse this username with your student Gmail, which ends with
  3. Enter your University password.

Your Office 365 username is not an email address – your student Gmail account remains the official University email account.

Please note: If you have already signed up to Office 365 using your student Gmail account ending in you must stop using this. Read the guide on how to access Office 365 with my Gmail account.

For more information read the FAQs on Office 365. If you have a problem getting started, please contact the Service Desk.

Whenever using University IT facilities and services you’ll need to make sure you follow the IT security and use policy.

Discounted computers, laptops and software

To take up any of the following offers, you'll need to access the websites while your are on campus.

  • Adobe - Save up to 80% on Adobe software, including the Creative Suite packages and Photoshop. You'll need to provide your Student ID card to make purchases from the Adobe Education Store.
  • Apple - Laptops and computers can be bought at a slightly lower price than the educational discount available at Apple stores. Discounts do not apply to iPad, iPod or accessory items. You must be on campus to access the discounts.
  • Dell - Discounts for laptops and computers are calculated at the checkout. You'll need to enter STUDENT and University of Westminster under the Company name field to qualify for the discount.

Buying a new Apple Mac?

You should consider how long you'll be studying for and what you'll be using your Mac for. If you're studying for three years and plan to buy a Mac for video, film, music or animation, consider buying the best specification you can afford.


Firstly you need to choose the right model of hardware and consider whether a laptop or desktop will best suit your needs. For instance an iPad may seem great, but if you’re studying video, film, music or animation, it will not run the software you may need.


Consider the specification that will best suit your chosen subject:

  • Processor: If you can afford more, buy more if you’re doing video as a subject. If you’re doing music, it's a good idea to invest in the processor so that track-mixing is more efficient.
  • Memory: If you are doing animation and/or video, invest in more memory.
  • Storage/Hard Drive: Investing in storage means that after three years of study and storing things on your Mac, it should continue to run efficiently.
  • Graphics card: If you are doing animation, in particular 3D animation, you’ll need to invest in the best graphics processing unit you can afford.

Go and visit an Apple store

Now you know what to ask, go and talk to one of the Apple advisors in person at one of the Apple stores.

Paying for your Mac

There are three different options (see below) and the discount you could get is approximately 14%, depending on the specification you have selected.

Contact Apple for advice on finance options.

  1. Educational price plus warranty: You will get the education discount and can also buy Apple Care at the point of selecting your product at a much cheaper rate than the standard apple care cost. The cost of apple care depends on the product selected. To get this deal, contact the Apple UK Educational on 0800 072 1154 when you have your letter of acceptance from the University. Note: This offer only applies to Apple Mac Desktops and Laptops. It is not available for purchases of Mac Mini, iPads or iPhones. To qualify you will need to provide one of the following forms of proof of your student status: a scan of your acceptance letter, showing the name of the University, the date and the course you will be studying; your University email address; or a screenshot of the UCAS offer screen.
  2. Educational price: Only available if you order online while you are on the University network. You don't need to provide additional proof of your student status, but you will need to use your student Google email address as your identifier ([email protected]).
  3. Normal price:The most expensive option, which you would pay if you went into an Apple Store or ordered online.
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Guides and tutorials

Videos and guidance on printing, researching your assignments and more.

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Training and study skills

Get the best from your studies with sessions to help you improve your IT, academic writing and study and research skills.