Who is the EFL+ Study Abroad Programme for?

For non-native speakers of English, we offer a year-long study abroad programme that includes 3 months of studying English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

EFL+ Study Abroad Programme overview

The programme offers you the opportunity to:

  • Spend the first semester on our English as a Foreign Language programme, starting in September. This will help you enhance your English language skills in preparation for the full-time academic study in the second part of your programme
  • After the completion of your English classes you will move on to study 3 modules worth 60 UK credits over 1 semester
  • Choose classes from a wide range of subjects, including Business, Law, Politics, International Relations, Visual Arts, English Literature, and more
  • Transfer university credit from successfully completed modules to your home university
  • Apply for housing in University owned halls of residence
  • Receive full pre-departure information before you leave home and an extensive orientation session when you arrive
  • Be supported by specialists advisers to guide you through your study experience
  • Opt to participate in the Education Abroad Team’s social programme

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