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I came to the University of Westminster to expand my degree course first and the University of Westminster has allowed me to discover another way of studying.

I chose this University because I thought it was the best way to meet my different goals, which were to discover another culture, another way of working, meet different people from everywhere because London is a very cosmopolitan city, and finally because English universities are renowned for the quality of their education.
Mathieu Deville Cavellin, France

I had a great time befriending people from all over the world, and spending time with them both in and out of the classroom. London has got to be one of the most exciting places in the world, first for a young person, and then for anyone looking to expand their mind and tastes.
Alexander Ebert, USA

I was told that Westminster was a good Uni, the website looked professional, and I knew a former student of Westminster, who had been boasting about his time at the school to me. Thus being reassured by these arguments I did not hesitate a second to apply for the study abroad within the Uni.

What I liked the most about Westminster Uni was the facilities and the way the school works. The modules were on average interesting and rewarding in all the ways. As I only stayed for a semester, I took 4 modules which were: International Marketing, Global Markets, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development and Creating a Website.

The social side was good and interesting, as lots of the students studying at Westminster were foreigners, it was a huge salad bowl of nationalities, and therefore working and chatting with people of different origins, was once more fulfilling in all aspects.

Adapting to London, was OK, one thing you need to adapt well is money!, at least a bit... I have been working in a restaurant during 20 hours a week to finance part of my daily outlays... The experience has been very tiring... But I passed all the modules though.. : D

But London is a staggering city on all fields, so many things to see, to visit, to discover... In my opinion, in terms of cuisine (with the numerous French chefs), in terms of clothes (with the new soaring wave of British style) and in terms of music records (with all the night clubs and bars playing trendy music), London ranks among the most pleasant cities to live in. (If you are young and interested in the above mentioned topics...). So the social life was awesome.

Now what I would recommend to other French students coming to the UK to study, would be, have fun but don't forget work time, and save money upfront or plan to work there, otherwise you might not appreciate the city as it deserves...

Having studied abroad will definitely help me in the future, and already helps me, as I am working with people of different origins, the vocabulary I gained in London, and the headways in oral and written English I’ve made are a great boon to me now.

Studying abroad in a city such as London, really is an opportunity and a chance which must not be missed. 
Robin Peyronnaud, France

Before coming back to Mexico, I hadn’t realised the big advantage that this program had given me. When I was at the interview sessions for the firm for which I work nowadays, for an international bank that offered me a job in corporate finance, or for Toyota Financial Services (the company where I worked for a year), I started realising the great advantage that an international experience had given me over the rest of my Mexican peers. It is just amazing to see how much international companies value your experience and specially the fact that you are already a global player and that you have succeeded in generating value with a team of international members, which is something you are supposed to achieve once in the job.

So, after only a year at the University of Westminster, I lived the best experience of my life, I got to know the most incredible places, I was transformed into a global player, I got the job I wanted, and, above all, I made enduring and incredible network of international friendships that will last all my life.
Salvador Yanez, Mexico

I had the opportunity to attend University of Westminster as a Study Abroad student. Personally it was one of the most exciting and wonderful experiences I've had. I learned a lot of different cultures, not only British but from countries all over the world, I met a lot of great people and I expanded the vision, the conception I had of the world in general.

The University of Westminster helped me to acquire a different perspective of the management and organisational theories and practices.

Once I finished university in Mexico I was hired by Cadbury Adams Mexico as a financial analyst. When I was in the admission process I became aware of how much the HR people were interested by the fact that I’d studied at the University of Westminster, that I was familiar with the UK financial system and accounting methods and that I spoke good English because of living in London.

Definitely studying at the University of Westminster was a decisive factor in Cadbury Adams hiring me.
Santiago Herrasti, Mexico

Before I arrived in London I had never been out of the United States before, so I chose the University of Westminster because of its ability to deliver a well-rounded and multi-faceted experience. By studying at Westminster I was able to live and study in different sections of the city, which forced me to move around and experience the different areas. Academically, I studied acting, creative writing, and photography, three completely different tracks from my studies at home, so I was able to experience new things inside the classroom as much as I was outside as well.

Socially, you can’t beat going to Westminster. The people are fantastic, and let’s be serious, if you ever get bored in London, there really isn’t much else the world can offer you. My best advice to those studying in the UK is to ditch the map, get off at a random tube stop and just walk around. The best way to experience London is by foot, looking for lost nooks and alleyways, London has so much more than having your nose stuck in a guidebook. As to the future, my study abroad experience left me with a lifetime of memories packaged in three short months, and I hope I can continue to use the mentality and experience I found there to use as much as possible. There’s something to be said for continually learning more about yourself every day, and studying abroad just kind of fuels that process.
Richard Markiewicz, USA

Studying abroad in London at The University of Westminster was the best decision I have ever made. I chose to go to Westminster for two reasons: One because it was the only school my program (ISA) offered in London and two because the location within London appeared great.  In the fall semester I studied a range of courses: Politics, Spanish, and Business. In the spring semester I took a range of courses from the Business Management course. The interesting thing is originally I only signed up to study in the fall but after only a month of being in London I extended my stay for the year. Furthermore, one month into my second semester there I applied to transfer into the Business Management course and I got accepted.

The reason I went through all this trouble to extend and hopefully ultimately transfer to Westminster is because I love London. Never have I felt so at home in my life. I don’t feel that London is physically the most beautiful city in the world but, the culture is incredible. The diversity of the city is incredible and it reflects in the University. I come from a diverse background myself and I appreciate that on any given day I meet people from every continent in the world!

I stayed in International House and I feel so lucky. For both semesters my floor was great. I met so many amazing people that I went out with and hung out with all the time. Plus, London is a very social city. I have never seen so many bars/pubs in my life. The clubs are even better, there are a variety of clubs scattered around the city although I am sure most students will go around Piccadilly Circus, Soho, and Oxford Circus. But, there is more to do then dance and drink. I strongly recommend students go to the theatre and see as many shows as they can afford particularly, “Wicked” and “The Lion King.”

The one negative thing about London especially for American students is that it is very expensive. But, I recommend that students do not worry about the cost because once they go back home and start to work again they will not remember how expensive it was but, they will miss all the great times they had, the places they have seen, and all the great people they met. Being in London has done so much for me. Besides making my resume stand out I have met some of the greatest people in my life. I went to places and saw things that few people in my country take the opportunity to do. I hope that I get to return and graduate so I can finish what I started.
Alexander Chapparo, USA

I chose to study at University of Westminster because of the great international reputation it has in the Communications field. It has the best capable instructors and professors to teach students from all over the world. What I liked the best about Westminster was the hands on academic system that not only involves theory, but also real working cases. Studying at Westminster helped me develop more analytical skills usable in the marketplace. Also, working with people from different backgrounds contributed to understand society better.

I strongly recommend Westminster uni for several reasons. First of all, the environment is fresh and friendly. I made friends 5 years ago, and we are still being as close as we were while studying there. Secondly, the service to international students is so efficient and effective. Even though you are far away, they always find the way to help you. Thirdly, because you really learn what is important to your field. The professors are open-minded to accept any suggestion about the course depending on your interests. Finally, if you add all these points into the London life style with the Big Ben, Camden Town, Leicester Square, among many others, then you get the great experience of your life!
Cristina Rechy, Mexico

London. I always dreamed about living in London and it was a nice way to do it while studying.

Some of the things I like very much about this uni are firstly its location, secondly the possibility of being able to access the library and some computer labs 24/7 and the diversity of the students.

I think that the best way this will help my career is in being able to interact with people and systems that are very different to what I’m used to; and of course, in the practice and improvement of my English.

A good thing about this uni is that it gives you the possibility to not only focus on your studies, but also on taking advantage of everything that’s going on in London and in Europe. I think it has a really generous calendar which allows a good balance between these things.

I can only suggest that if you’re going to London, especially from a warm country like mine, don’t get held by the weather, because there is definitely something big going on at all times. You might need to be more open-minded than usual, especially when thinking about food.

My favourite thing about studying in London was simply living in such an amazing city.
Daniel Correa Palacios, Mexico

I learnt about how you need to act with different personalities and how to respond in different situations and what it means to work in a team… you get to see all the personal dynamics.

I learned a lot about communication.

This internship has only increased my desire to get involved in politics, I definitely think that I will take a lot from it and apply it in my future career.
Anna Milunas, USA

Through my internship I got to not only see what it is like to work in a nationally recognised charity, but I got learn about British culture and make lasting bonds with true Brits. My bosses could not have been more welcoming or helpful, and made me feel like part of the team from day one. The internship is the perfect opportunity for anyone ready to delve into the professional world and take advantage of a wonderful opportunity.
Jill Gavin, USA

It was very important to me to gain experience working in a foreign environment. I thought an internship would be a good way to broaden my understanding of other cultures as well as my own, and it turned out to be the perfect experience.

I appreciated the broad range of jobs I got to do which varied in responsibility. I learned how important it is not to be afraid of trying new things.

The internship programme is a great way to learn more about London and Londoners than through class alone. I met a variety of people in the office, all of whom gave me a different perspective of London which I will carry with me. It's also the perfect way to not only gain job experience and build your resume, but to get the most out your study abroad experience in general. Had it not been for the internship, I would not have learned nearly as much about London culture and politics as I did.
Kelsey Wilkinson, USA

My main reason for doing an internship in London is that I decided I should experience the working world of the UK alongside the academic world. Also, I was interested in challenging myself to stay engaged in my time abroad. My duties included answering the telephone, teaching English lessons, and interacting with clients who came into the office. Apart from gaining insight into how an office in the UK functions, I have gained a lot of confidence in my ability to handle a significant amount of responsibility. My internship experience also helped me to begin focusing on my next steps – in my career and in my life overall.
Keenan Turner, USA

When I decided to study abroad, I knew that I didn’t really want to study. I wanted to live in London, outside the realms of the always-restricting student world, to see how people really live and think and work. If I’m going to be in the most diverse city in the world, I should get a real taste of it, I thought. I was matched perfectly with a magazine located in one of the coolest parts of the city, a place and a people that I really respected and admired.

I started out doing some minimal design work but now am writing articles and helping organise photo shoots and features within the magazine. I’m sure that I got more out of living in London because I worked – I had friends other than students, went out with people from work, and saw parts of the city I never would have seen. Plus, I got to work for a really cool publication that my parents can buy at their local bookstore, look inside and see their daughter’s name. I feel like I am much more capable and knowledgeable – about magazine life as well as about myself and my plans for the future.
Mercedes Kraus, USA

I will absolutely treasure this experience for many years to come.

It is amazing how a person grows when thrown into a business environment. I learned how a company/charity/business should be governed and I was able to see what qualities and attributes are important (leadership, charisma, organisation, etc.). I gained valuable experiences that will help better prepare me for future interviews. Also my work experience in a non-profit organisation has exposed me to a realm that, before my time at The Trust, I was not entirely familiar.
Meghan Lee Tetwiler, USA

My Summer School experience has really been excellent, enriching and unforgettable.
Abdellah Azzouzi, Morocco

First and foremost, I will applaud the creators of this programme and the curriculum for it because it was nothing that I had ever experienced before in my life. The Television in London programme at the University of Westminster was amazing. I learned tons of material that I would have never thought possible to learn in a programme of such short duration. All the information we learned in this programme really shocked me. I was sure that we were going to be sitting in a classroom for the entire three hours of the day, but instead it was totally different. We learned great information and were able to apply this information to many “hands on” situations that will better help prepare me for my lifetime goals.

Television Production in London changed my view of the television industry. One may think that it is all fun and games, but television production proved to be much more than just that. Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed this experience a ton, but it really shaped the way that I viewed television as a whole. It is so much more work than one could ever imagine in a lifetime. It involves a lot of dedication, hard work, time and effort in order to make any production come to life.

One of the things that stood out the most to me was all the responsibility placed on the director and vision mixer of the show. I always thought of the director as this person who only "bossed" others around and made everyone do what they wanted them to do. This assumption was partially correct, but there is much more skill, coordination and hard work needed than what I would have ever imagined for one person. The vision mixer of a production is also a very skilled position that I somehow looked past as if the job was easy to do, but it was quite the contrary. A position as a vision mixer requires a lot of listening, being able to think really fast and also having great coordination skills with all the cameras that you may be forced to work with.

On the whole, my experience with the University of Westminster Summer Programme was awesome and exciting. As mentioned earlier, I enjoyed all the “hands-on” experiences that I received while in this program. I honestly believe that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was fortunate enough to have experienced it. While in London, I looked forward to waking up every morning to prepare myself for this class, I never once was had a doubt that I would not enjoy myself on any particular day. Everything turned out wonderful in the class and the final product was awesome. This letter would not be complete without giving thanks to both of my professors Robert and Geoffrey for making this experience a great one and definitely one that I will never forget.

Thank You!
Tashara Parker, USA

I arrived here one day before of classes start, frightened with everything mainly because of the huge move that I made to come here. Here everything is so different that my expectations, the English spoken in the streets is not the same that I learned in my English classes in Brazil and even not the same that I found inside the studios.

I attended the first lecture at Regent Street Campus and felt scared that I didn’t understand almost anything, actually it is very different hear my Brazilian teacher speaking English slowly than follow the fast and accented British English. Since I met the teachers Robert, Geoffrey and Jess things have become easier and they have given me much more confidence to speak and help me to feel less worried. I really enjoyed the three week summer school, and I used this opportunity to improve my English and to talk with native speakers, and I made friends from all around the world and started to be less shy. 

At the classes I learned a lot about techniques with the camera, frame position, improve directing abilities, dialogue with a team in the pursuit of good results. But mainly my objective here isn’t to improve or learn new techniques, I came here for the cultural and the life experience, I came here to live far from my family and keep in touch with the European culture. What I see in the classes it is not so different from how I am taught at my home College. But here we receive (us students) the cameras, mics and tripod in the first week and enjoy London with the responsibility of shooting interesting things from the get-go.

The facilities of the University of Westminster are amazing, the studio is very professional, and it was very nice to have the classes in these conditions. The course allows me to improve my editing video skills and understand how to use software such a final cut pro.  

We have a lot of lessons that we all learn in just a few days, but the best lesson that I have learned was how to speak with people from all over the world.
Bruno Gabriel, Brazil

Westminster is a famous university so I wanted to study here. The programme allowed me to visit a lot of galleries while learning about art and history. It’s really an impressive experience which can teach me a lot about subjects that I cannot learn in China. I love Westminster!
Qiying Zhao, China

I chose to study abroad for the summer at Westminster because I am thinking about taking my masters here and thought this was a good chance to see what it is like to study. I learnt a lot about how to appreciate an artwork while seeing lots of London. I loved my time at Westminster and will return for my masters
Yishan Xiao, China

Westminster offered a course I wanted to take that would fulfil requirements at my home university. Not only did we get to talk about are in the classroom but also visited the art work and galleries to learn in the museums. From my learning I not only have a greater appreciation of art, but also courage in exploring new places and cultures. Choosing to join the summer programme can be scary and nerve racking, but it’s worth it for the experience and the people you meet.
Tsubasa Porcino, USA

All of the friendships I have made will be with me forever. Also how much I have grown as a person because of this new found independence I thought I already had but didn’t. My advice to anyone considering studying at Westminster is to be yourself, don’t try to be someone you are not. Be open to all the new experiences.
Elizabeth Miner, USA

My Monarchy class has not only taught me so much about the monarchs and tradition but has also helped me understand the country and culture so much better. I have made several new friends from all over the world, had new and exciting experiences, gained independence and confidence! I would tell others to take advantage of everything the programme has to offer. Time flies when you’re having fun!
Ellie McGee, USA

In my Jack the Ripper class the professors had a passion for what they were teaching. Also the little trips and walks we went on really helped to enhance the learning experience. I will take away a better understanding not only of the subject but also new knowledge about London.
Erin Murphy, USA

I can positively say that I am more knowledgeable on the history of London because of my Londinium to the Blitz class thank if I were learning from a book back in the United States. For anyone thinking of coming I would say do it, and do it with no fears. You will grow in so many ways and fall in love with being an adventurous, curious learner.
Evelyn McIntyre, USA

When I first learned about the opportunity to study at Westminster for the summer, it seemed too good to be true. Now that I have returned home, I can say that I was right. I had to constantly remind myself that it was real: the flight, tuition, housing, and some living expenses had all been covered so that I could be immersed in London culture. Every day was filled with adventure, history, fun, beautiful sights, and freedom. To sum it up less eloquently but most honestly, I was living my best life! I lived on the 16th floor of the University of Westminster's Marylebone Hall, with a view that my best friend from England stated, "Had to be the best view in all of London!" Baker Street, where Sherlock Holmes' house is located and where Charles Dickens once lived, is now where I can say that I, too, have been a resident.

Before this, my addresses have consisted of my childhood home in Tucson, Arizona and the residence halls at ASU's Tempe campus. It was unreal to wake up every morning and walk two minutes to my backyard, Regent's Park, heading out for a morning run consisting of views of Queen Mary's Gardens, lakes, and meadows. I continued my day by traveling via tube, which was an experience in itself, to one of the best classes I have ever taken as a university student.

I studied the History of London through its Museums, the same class as the other two scholarship recipients from my year. Our professor was awesome. He used to run London's Old Operating Theatre Museum in London and held a high position at the Victoria and Albert Museum. To think that I was being taught by a man who used to teach Rhodes Scholars! Almost every class consisted of a field trip to an iconic area or museum in London. I have always loved history, but the class gave me a newfound appreciation and understanding of museums – one I will keep with me long after I graduate. In fact, I told the professor at the end of class. "Thank you, you were one of the best professors I have ever had, and I can't imagine having taken a better class." I meant every word. Looking back, I remember struggling to choose the module. There were so many outstanding options! I was tom between the class I took, one regarding the monarchy, and another revolving around Jane Austen. In the end, it was as if l experienced the best of all three worlds.

Because the programme is set up in a way where you have the liberty to personalise your experience, I made it a priority to still experience the monarchy, something I have been fascinated by ever since I was a little girl. I toured Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London/Crown Jewels, St Paul's Cathedral, Kensington Palace, and Windsor Castle. These experiences of witnessing the architecture outside, the changing of the guard, and the interior granted me insight into years of British history and a way of life that I have always found incredibly interesting. My favourite day of all was meeting the Lord Mayor and other members of the Office of Remembrances. I was able to see firsthand how the monarchy is not only important to England's sustainability, but also how people like the Lord Mayor, who is in charge of London's financial district, help to make things run.

Furthermore, I was able to fulfill my Jane Austen fix, as Pride and Prejudice is one of my all-time favourite books, through choosing a topic relating to her as my final presentation and paper at the conclusion of class. Our professor asked us to analyse a museum or historical area, developing a plan for how we would change it in order to improve it. I chose to analyse Mayfair, the "poshest" area in London where Jane Austen used to often walk in order to visit her brother. Listening to my professor, as he talked about the area, I realised that there were so many awesome Jane Austen sights in the district: her publisher's house, brother's bank, and all of the streets are where Sense and Sensibility took place, yet there were no signs or tourist related activities to commemorate this. I have never enjoyed a class assignment more than I did developing the idea of a free Jane Austen literary walking tour of the area and plan to implement signs with her iconic silhouette. When I returned to Mayfair to continue my research, a man in Pret a Manger, one of the most popular sandwich chain shops in London, overheard me inquiring about the district boundaries. He offered to help, and I ended up conducting a 30-minute interview with him. Turns out he had worked as a messenger in Mayfair for four years, had read Sense and Sensibility, but had no idea of its relation to Jane Austen! It was unexpected moments like this where I was able to truly interact and connect with the people of London that I treasured the most.

Going into the trip, you are excitedly aware that you will be able to experience the historical sites like Big Ben, the River Thames, London Eye, and more, which are outstanding in themselves, but you have no idea the people and places that you will get to know, which comes from being both a tourist (I definitely was) but also a resident. I made a good friend from Australia, who was also studying at the University of Westminster, and together we experienced Afternoon Tea at Sketch – a place worthy of being compared to experiencing tea in Alice in Wonderland. Additionally, I got to cheer on England with fellow Londoners, as they looked to advance in the World Cup. In such a busy world, which will only continue to get busier as I age, I treasure the opportunity I had to dedicate my days to nothing but experiencing London for its history, shops, parks, theatre, and museums. On 17 July, I wrote an update to the members of Lake Havasu Rotary which stated that: "After today's class, I ventured off to the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, and Liberty and Selfridge's Department Stores to finish off my day. I was told by a Londoner today in Ben's Cookies that I have had, 'A proper London day!'" After almost a month of "proper London days," now I have a stronger understanding of city life and confidence in myself to be independent, figure out things on my own, and bloom where I am planted.

Experiencing studying abroad, has confirmed what I want to be doing at this time next year. As a senior, this can be an extremely stressful decision, so having confidence in what I want to do after I graduate is valuable in itself. Now, I am 100% confident in my plan to teach abroad after I graduate. The experience that I had understanding a different culture and becoming  a better person for it  this summer makes me determined  to work in a different country, specifically, education systems, for the years following graduation. I do not want the growth I experienced this summer to end here! I look forward to working as an elementary  school teacher in the US, following my abroad experiences, and being able to share  with my students things like how I saw Winston Churchill's War Rooms for myself when teaching World War II, my connection to London Bridge when singing that famous rhyme with the  kids, and the experience of walking the same places as historical figures like Princess Diana, the Beatles, and Charles Dickens.

I understand that my "proper London day" will look different than yours, as you embark on the same journey to live and study in London. However, according to Samuel Johnson, "By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show."  This is a quote I heard during London's Big Bus Tour, which marked the first few days of my experience, and stuck with me throughout the entirety of the trip. After experiencing England's great city, I can confirm that in London, there is something for everyone. It is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world! Make the most of every day and choose to see the sights and places that mean the most to you. All good things must come to an end, as my grandmother would always remind me, so make sure you leave with no regrets. For me, I will remember the summer of 2018, the one after I turned 21 and before my final year of college, as the best summer of my life!
Natalie Rudolph, USA

My personal and learning journey started long before I stepped off the plane at Heathrow and took my first steps in a foreign land. My journey started eight months prior. Eight months before studying through the London International Summer School I was just like any other first year college student. Attending class at my own university, studying, involved in extra-curricular activities, trying to figure out my passions and professional interests all while simply enjoying the college experience. In November of 2017 I was preparing for final exams, not having much time to pay attention to anything else. Luckily, my attention wasn’t too divided to read an email sent from one of my Deans in my college. I scrolled through the email and right before I came to the bottom, I saw the words that said: “apply to one of the Fulbright United Kingdom Summer Institute Programs”. Little did I know that my life would be changed from that moment on.

Fast forward to stepping off the plane at Heathrow Airport, a swarm of emotions were going through my body. Excited to be in a new country surrounded by new people and opportunities, nervous about my ability to adapt quickly to the new environment, and a little fearful of the unknown. In terms of preparation for my trip, I read up on the London news, current events, culture, and history, but being there was something different entirely. Even though I was filled with various emotions, I knew for a fact that I was ready to start a new and amazing chapter of my life.

At my home institution, I am intending to major in Supply Chain Management and Marketing. By attending the University of Westminster, I had the excellent opportunity to study “The Power of Brands” with Professor Deborah Rose. I was rather unfamiliar with the neuroscience and psychology behind marketing principles and concepts which was a topic we explored in great depth. Professor Rose challenged us to be very introspective and identify our own personal values and identities with the purpose of utilising them to know how to connect with a target group of consumers. This reflective process pushed me to better understand who I am and what I am truly passionate about. From beginning to end, the module incited me to be more creative, more analytical, and more thoughtful. Perhaps the most important thing Professor Rose taught us was to be encouraging, open minded, and confident inside and outside the classroom. Our module was made up of 12 students all from various parts of the world. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Australia, Estonia, Denmark, Canada, and the United States. The diversity of thought was exceptional and invaluable to my personal and learning development. Professor Rose used this diversity to unite us, not divide us which is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. The next step for me personally is to utilize principles from Professor Rose’s outlook and strategy that unified our diverse classroom and apply them to my leadership skill set so that I am a more effective leader in the present and future. Not only were my studies at the University of Westminster valuable to my academic growth, they enriched my heart, mind, and soul.

One of the concerns I had about studying abroad was the possibility of not meeting many people with a similar desire to explore and enjoy all that London has to offer. I was completely mistaken. I met fantastic people from all corners of the world. I was surrounded by students who were driven, goal-oriented, passionate, intellectual, full of life, and genuinely nice people. By being in this type of atmosphere, I was able sharpen my intercultural communication skills and be inspired by my peers. The state and well-being of our world is always called into question especially when the news is overwhelmed with negative stories and images from all over the world. The future of our world is falling into my hands and the hands of students that I met. The individuals that I had the pleasure to get to know through the London International Summer School reassured me that we will play a large part in driving this world forward. By attending the London International Summer School, we were able to start expanding our network beyond our countries’ borders. We now have a global network that will only continue to grow.

The only downside of studying abroad in London was that it had to come to end after three weeks. While in London, I learned how to navigate a new big city, use a new public transportation system, see museums and famous architecture, interact with locals, try new and delicious cuisines, and partake in experiences that further exposed me to the English culture. I was more than a tourist during my time in the UK. Throughout the duration of my trip, I felt like a piece of the English society. None of that would have been possible for me at this point in my life if I had not applied to study at the London International Summer School.

By traveling and studying abroad, I have become more patient, empathetic, knowledgeable, creative, and passionate to achieve my dreams. Participating in the London International Summer School is a once in a lifetime opportunity. However, because of my London experience, I plan to fill my lifetime with even more traveling and studying abroad to further develop as a leader and person. Although I came across the information to study in London rather haphazardly, my advice to those younger than me is to make studying abroad part of their college plan. Whether it be at a London International Summer School or somewhere on the other side of the world, I am confident that studying abroad will positively impact your life forever. After participating in the London International Summer School, I can say beyond a doubt that my personal and learning journey has only just begun.
Michael Mitchell, USA

The University of Westminster has been the centre of my fantastic London life. Like London, the University has many things to offer. During the module classes, I studied with students from the UK, America, other European countries, Asian countries and I met wonderful Japanese friends whom I can share my experiences of London life with. Both the University of Westminster and London have people from all over the world and I found this dynamic atmosphere encouraged me to challenge myself.
Ai Kimura, Japan

One thing I know I am going to miss, after finishing my study abroad programme, is living in London. I did not even imagine how multi-cultural this city was when I was in Japan. You can meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world and learn their cultures along with British Culture. What London can offer is simply amazing: theatres, museums, exciting night life, parks, convenient public transport, shopping and a lot more.

I had no problem adapting to life in London and at the University of Westminster. Lecturers and administrative staff are very helpful and approachable. As an international student, you have an Education Abroad Officer who can support you with various aspects throughout your study. I found it very encouraging and I remember that, not only my Education Abroad Officer but also other staff at the Education Abroad Office were friendly and supportive when I visited there.

The atmosphere in the classroom is quite different from Japan. Discussion is more active and the relationship between students and lecturers is open. I gradually got used to it. I took a module about ‘Intercultural Communication’ back in Japan and it found this very helpful to prepare for studying in the multi-cultural classrooms at Westminster. At first, I was a bit worried about writing academic essays entirely in English but now I am much more confident about it than before after finishing several essays and getting good marks. I think I owe my success to English courses which I had before the semester started. I really want to thank all my English teachers.

I had a wonderful time here which was well balanced study and other experiences. I hope many students will come here and also have a valuable experience.
Yuka Wada, Japan

I have stayed in London for four months now. I took 'General English' and 'English Language and Culture' in the summer. I enjoyed those courses very much, especially the latter one.

There are students from China, Cuba, Italy, Russia and Japan in my class. So I was able not only to learn British culture but also compare that with other cultures. We talked about the political system, education, family and so on.

In July I also did a part time job as an assistant of cultural programme. First I was nervous to work with taking the summer school. But it became a great experience for me. Through the work I can meet up many students who have taken other classes and make friends. I am doing the assistant job in August as well. I look forward to making more friends.

As advice to other students, what I can say is try to do anything as much as you can. It is difficult to improve English even taking English classes. I think we need situations to use English outside of the class. Those opportunities are not given by either people but we must look for them by ourselves. I joined lunchtime lectures and afternoon walks.

I am going to take modules about tourism from September and stay in London until February when I will do the internship part of the programme. I would like to get a job which is related with travel in future. So I would like to learn English well and study tourism for my future career.
Aya Hasegawa, Japan

It was a really good experience for me. One of my favourite things was the University of Westminster’s Regent campus. It is located in the centre of London meaning I could go to many exciting places, such as museums, galleries, sightseeing places and beautiful parks, after school every day. After I came back to Japan, I got a job in a foreign-affiliated company. I am working in an English speaking environment and I will go on a business trip to the UK soon. My life in London gave me the ability to get such a nice job.
Kyoko Mikami, Japan