Junior visiting research fellowship

The Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture is establishing a Junior Visiting Research Fellowship scheme aimed at exceptional emerging international scholars.

The Institute invites postgraduate students to consider applying for a Fellowship. While the Fellowships do not include a stipend, they do give students an academic habitat in the heart of London, a community of like-minded colleagues and students working across the arts, humanities, and cultural institutions, a University library card, access to a dedicated postgraduate room, a computer terminal, and so forth. For enquiries contact the Institute's Director, Professor John Beck.

There are currently no Junior Fellows at the IMCC. The Institute welcome informal inquiries from students completing their PhD studies in areas related to the research activities of staff. While the Fellowships do not come with a stipend, they do offer beleaguered students a change of scenery, an academic affiliation, access to computer facilities, library resources, and an intellectual community of academics, scholars, and practitioners working in the heart of the world's most vibrant city.


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