Apply for a scholarship

As a current undergraduate student at the University, you are eligible to apply for the following scholarships:

Note: The University offers other standard fee award scholarships, but you are only eligible to apply for those before you have started your course.

Excellence Awards

Each year, the Scholarships Office funds 300 Excellence Awards across the University to reward and encourage our undergraduates to progress in their studies. These awards go to the top Level 4 and Level 5 undergraduate students in each course area, as determined by exam boards over the summer. The Scholarships office endeavours to keep the ratio at approximately 1 award to 30 students, so larger courses will receive more awards per course than smaller course areas.

If you qualify for an Excellence Award at the end of your first or second year, then you will be contacted at the end of summer. Each college has an Excellence Award ceremony that usually takes place in the following January, whereby awardees receive a certificate and a cash award.

The University highly values educational excellence, and the Scholarships Office is proud to reward those students who have worked to set high standards amongst their peers.

Voluntary requirement for scholarship holders

The Scholarships Office at the University of Westminster requires that, with some exceptions, each scholarship should have a voluntary hour requirement. The purpose of these volunteering hours is to encourage the student to give back to the University and the local community.  This benefits the community and also encourages students to involve themselves in activities outside of their studies.

Read the volunteering information for current scholarship holders.