Who we are

We believe that your health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance. If you feel well, you will study well - it's as simple as that!

That is why we aim to offer Westminster students access to a variety of health services and information.

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How we can help

We offer the following health services:

  • emotional support
  • health and lifestyle guidance
  • sexual health advice
  • university support services

Chronic conditions or disabilities

If you have a chronic problem or disability, get in touch with us when you arrive at the University, so that we can offer the appropriate support.


There are trained first aiders on every campus to help in case of emergency.

If there’s an emergency on campus, dial 5555 from a campus landline phone and someone will be sent to you. Alternatively, get in touch with the campus reception staff.

For more information on campus and off-campus emergencies, see our Emergencies page.

Infectious diseases

Outbreaks of vaccine-preventable infections do occur in universities and college settings. Infections can spread quickly due to close living arrangements and being part of new larger social circles.

Find out how to protect yourself from infections during your studies, including what symptoms to look out for and where to get help and advice.

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