Degree classifications and awards


For details on how your degree classification is calculated, see Part 5, Section 17 of the Handbook of Academic Regulations.


For details of awards, see Part 5, Section 18 of the Handbook of Academic Regulations.

Award certificates

Certificates are not issued at the Graduation Ceremonies – they are posted to your home address about eight to ten weeks after the publication of results.

If you haven't received your certificate within three months of the results publication date, get in touch with the Student Lifecycle Team.

Please check that your name and home address are correct on My Student Record, as we will use these details to prepare and post your certificate. We cannot make any changes to the name on your certificate after it has been issued.

Please note: If you have any outstanding tuition fee debts to the University, we will not be able to send you your certificate until you have resolved these debts. Get in touch with the relevant finance office.