Your online reading list will give you easy access to the materials recommended by your lecturers. This might include e-books, articles, scanned chapters, databases and online videos. You can also find locations and availability for print books in the library in your online reading list.

Where to find reading lists

Online reading lists can be found on Blackboard or the Reading Lists site.

Some lists are set out on a week by week basis, others might be organised by theme or seminar group. Your tutors decide the content and order of the list to best support your study.

Saving time

  • Access the list from anywhere with wifi or an internet connection.
  • Download your readings while online, to save onto your laptop, computer or mobile device to read later.
  • Click 'View bibliography', at the top of your list, to display the contents of your reading list in Westminster Harvard referencing style.

Easy to find

  • Links to individual reading lists can be found in Blackboard module pages,
  • From the online Reading Lists home page, you can search for any related subject list out there. Just type the module code or part of module title in the search box. If you can't find your list, ask your lecturer.

Easy to use

  • At the top of your list, the 'Table of Contents' button will give you an overview of the list sections - you can jump to each section here by clicking on it.
  • Each reading or resource on the list will be presented with the title first, then the type of resource, below that. So you’ll quickly know if it’s a book, an article or a video etc.
  • Click on the blue 'Online Resource' button next to the resource to access that reading material online straight away.
  • A blue 'Preview' button next to the resource will enable you to view GoogleBooks images of the book where there is no online version available. You can also see details of where the book is available in the library if you click on 'Preview' or the resource title.
  • Where there is no blue button next to the resource, click on the title to see Library availability. This will show how you which University of Westminster library has the book, how many copies, and which shelf to find them on.

Accessing resources

  • When you click through to access online articles and e-books, you may be asked for your University username and password.
  • The first time you view a digitised resource (these are usually scanned individual chapters from books or sometimes articles) you will be asked to log into the online reading list system - just use your University username and password.