Develop your digital capabilities and learn to be effective online when you’re studying, researching, working and socialising. With society and the job market increasingly more reliant on digital tools and systems, there are a range of vital skills that you will need, including:

  • being ICT proficient,
  • finding, creating and using information, data and media
  • being a digital creator, innovator and communicator
  • collaborating, learning and teaching online
  • managing your digital identity and wellbeing

In line with JISC’s Digital Capability project, the University will offer courses in the key areas above, some leading to CV-enhancing accreditation.

You can see our existing offer below and sign up to our mailing list for updates

Digital skills development courses

Students can access over 3000 free courses on the online learning library, It offers a range of computer science, CAD and other IT courses.

Login to via the Lynda tutorials page.

Microsoft Office Specialist and Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) courses

We offer our students access to free online courses in Microsoft Office and Adobe applications. Completing the relevant online course will help you develop valuable skills and, in some cases, give you a University of Westminster digital badge.

After taking these courses through self-study, you can sign up to a limited number of places to take the examinations required for an Adobe or Microsoft certifications, which the University can help you with at no charge.

These qualifications are industry standard, will give you an employability edge and will look great on your CV.

Check out the Microsoft Office Specialist training and the Adobe Certified Associate page to learn more.

SPSS Basic Introduction course

This course introduces users to SPSS and its features.

SPSS is a general-purpose statistical package that can perform complex data manipulation and analysis with simple instruction.

You can find more information on the SPSS Basic Introduction course page.

Avoiding plagiarism course

To help you understand the different types of plagiarism, as well as how to use citations and references appropriately, have a look at our online Plagiarism Tutorial site, under 'My Organisations' in Blackboard