How do I search for books and other items?

To search for an item in our libraries, simply log in and use our Library Search.

You can search for materials in both print and electronic format, and you can access the search from University or home.

You might also want to look through the University's archive collections.

How do I borrow items?

You can borrow items using the self-service machines in our libraries. If you need any help, just speak to our library staff.

What can I borrow?

You can borrow most of our:

  • books
  • CDs
  • DVDs and videos
  • laptops and MacBooks

Journals and newspapers are only for reference use in the library.

How many items can I borrow at a time?

Students, staff and associate students can borrow up to 15 items at a time. Eligible alumni and visitors can borrow up to five items at a time.

Items are automatically extended to two weeks for students registered with Disability Learning Support.

How do I renew an item?

Books are automatically renewed unless:

  • they have been requested by another user
  • you have overdue loans
  • your account is blocked
  • your library membership has expired

Check your Library Search Search account regularly to keep your loans up to date. The library sends reminders to your Westminster email account.

Inter library loan requests can only be renewed once and you will have to contact the ILL team to do so.

Where do I return my books?

You can return all loans to any of the campus libraries, except for videos, computer games, MacBooks and laptops, which need to be returned to the library you borrowed them from.

You can return books using the self-service machines. If you need any help, just speak to our library staff.

What happens if I return my item after the due date?

If you return a requested item late, your library account will be blocked. This means that you will not be allowed to borrow or request items for the length of time the book was overdue, and this may prevent other loans on your account being automatically renewed. Bring your requested books back by the due date to avoid this happening.

For more details and to check our library rules, read through our library regulations:

What can I do if the item I want is out on loan or at another campus?

You can make an online request for the item to be sent to your campus library.

You can request up to five items at a time. If you're eligible to borrow computer games, you can request one game at a time.

To request an item, you'll need to:

  • sign in to Library Search
  • search for the book you need
  • If it's not available at your campus library you can request it 
  • Click the title of the book and then click request

You'll receive an email when your requests have arrived at the library counter. You can also view the status of your requests under ‘My Account’ on Library Search

I can't find the item I need - what should I do?

Check the catalogues of other academic libraries in the UK.

If you can't find what you need, contact your Academic Liaison Librarian via the Library Guides website.

If your librarian does purchase the item, note that printed books can take 4-6 weeks to arrive. E-books can be made available more quickly, but there is a limited range of titles available.