In the month of October and throughout the academic year beyond, the University of Westminster is hosting events and holding space to explore Black history, casting an eye on where the past has taken Black realities in the current day.

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Dr Peter Bonfield, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Westminster, said: “Inclusion, equality and diversity are so important to us and for the last few years I have been educated and challenged by the events hosted by my fellow colleagues and students over Black History Month. This year, following the death of George Floyd and the commitments we have made as a University, it is more important than ever.

"We begin this focus on Black History aware of our duty as a community to centre the voices of our Black colleagues and student body. Not only is this an opportunity for us to learn about the history, influence and experiences of Black people globally but it is also a time for us to reflect on the part we play in creating an environment where all of our students and colleagues are respected, heard and valued. This work may be uncomfortable at times, but we recognise that it is necessary to bring us closer as a community.”

The BHM 2020 Steering Group, a collective of our BME colleagues and allies, and the Students’ Union, said: "Recognising and celebrating Black histories is at the heart of this work and is made more visible with the launch of this year’s Black History Month. There will be opportunities for us all to engage with Black colleagues’ and students’ histories by reflecting on times past using our amazing archival collection while responding to the present with case studies that reflect extraordinary achievements – some while under very challenging circumstances. 

"This year we are going further. The BHM 2020 Steering Group is working towards ensuring that the recognition of Black histories continues beyond a single month for the first focused Black History Year. These colleagues are putting together a programme of talks, events and creating a blog that will span the academic year, building a sound platform for recognising Black histories in the years to come. The theme is narratives and counter-narratives of race, and will feature events on creativity, social activism, and gender and sexuality in Black people as examples.

"This honours our commitment to be a progressive, compassionate and responsible university that values the input and output of our students and colleagues while recognising that some groups have been denied opportunities that have contributed to making their experiences less visible.
We urge you to engage with our 2020 Black History Month and Black History Year platforms where we will all learn something about our diverse community as we negotiate a period in our living history that is like nothing we have ever experienced."

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