PRINCE2® – Foundation

LocationMarylebone, Central London
FacultyWestminster Business School

This accredited project management course provides a complete walkthrough of the PRINCE2® terminology as defined in Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®, the official manual of the method published by the Cabinet Office in 2017.

"Projects bring together resources, skills, technology and ideas to achieve business objectives and deliver business benefits. Good project management helps to ensure that risks are identified and managed appropriately, and objectives and benefits are achieved within budget, within time and to the required quality."  (Cabinet Office website)

At the end of the course you will take a one-hour multiple choice test, which leads to the official PRINCE2® Foundation certificate.

Courses open for booking
Start date Duration Day and time Price Apply
2 September 2017 3 days Saturdays 9.30am – 5pm £635 Book now
7 October 2017 3 days Saturdays 9.30am – 5pm £635 Book now
30 October 2017 3 days Monday to Wednesday 9.30am – 5pm £635 Book now
11 November 2017 3 days Saturdays 9.30am – 5pm £635 Book now
22 November 2017 3 days Wednesday to Friday 9.30am – 5pm £635 Book now


Book the Foundation course together with the PRINCE2® Practitioner course for a discounted fee of £1,095.

Course content

The Foundation course is designed to introduce the basics behind the PRINCE2® process-based method and to prepare for the test that leads to the PRINCE2® Foundation certificate.

The course begins by exploring the increasing importance of projects in today’s world before discussing what a project is, why projects fail and what the role of the project manager is. The structure of PRINCE2®, which consists of its principles, themes, processes and the idea of tailoring the method to its environment, is then introduced before each one of these elements is expanded and explained in turn.

The topics covered include:

  • what is project management
  • the PRINCE2® principles and themes
  • starting up a project
  • initiating a project
  • the business case
  • the project organisation
  • project planning
  • risks and quality
  • controlling a stage
  • managing product delivery
  • change and progress
  • directing a project
  • closing a project


Fees include: a copy of the official manual, Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® (2017), which we will send to you once you have completed your booking, as well as further course material accessible via Blackboard, lectures and the Foundation exam (plus the Practitioner exam if you select this additional option).

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. However, candidates should familiarise themselves with the methods manual and study for around 10 hours before the first day of training. Study is also required between training days.

Teaching and assessment

The course requires a first pass of all the material in the official manual, so it is important that students do some reading before the course starts. All students are provided with pre-course material that explains what reading is expected prior to beginning the course.

The course consists of a series of interleaved lectures and seminars. The lectures are designed to introduce the method’s terminology, which is then discussed in the seminars where exercises based on case studies explain how to use the method in practice. A comprehensive course handbook, containing all the course slides is handed to each student upon arrival. At the end of each day multiple choice questions are used to remind us of the day’s learning and to prepare us for the certificate examination.

Associated careers

Project management is a modern career that is so generic it is applicable to any business sector. The presence of PRINCE2® certification has now become a minimum requirement for many CVs. For many, the certificate is a career-changing opportunity that leads to project management or consultancy work in one of the large UK or international government or non-government organisations.

The following sought after skills will become part of your CV: PRINCE2® Foundation, Product Based Planning, Risk Management.

If you have a question about out PRINCE2® courses, have a look on our FAQs page or contact the course team.

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