Contemporary China Centre

The Contemporary China Centre is a new and vibrant interdisciplinary hub for China-related research and related activities within and outside the University. It builds on Westminster’s long-term commitment to Chinese Studies and engagement with China, and on the University’s contribution to world-leading research on China acknowledged in the RAE 2008. The Centre’s main purpose is to support research, activities and networks on China in comparative and global perspectives within its host Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, with other departments of the University, and beyond with other UK and international universities.

The Centre is committed to:

  • developing collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects on the cultural dimensions of social and political transformation of China in regional and comparative frameworks;
  • examining cutting-edge issues and agendas that are core features of China’s role in the global circulation of knowledge and cultural influence, and are having an increasing impact on Western stakeholders;
  • developing a critical mass of interdisciplinary expertise incorporating UK and international academic and professional interests across the UK/EU and Asia, in order to contribute to building up a knowledge economy able to respond to the challenges of the future;
  • fostering innovative interdisciplinary research and PhD training on contemporary China drawing on research and supervisory expertise across the university’s different departments;
  • establishing close links with professional and policy making bodies in relevant areas;
  • contributing to the University’s already established reputation for world-leading interdisciplinary and innovative research in the study of China;

For further information, please contact Professor Harriet Evans at [email protected]


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