Computational Vision and Imaging Technology Research Group

Computational Vision and Imaging Technology (CVIT) is an newly founded interdisciplinary research group, providing a synthesis between the scientific disciplines associated with computational vision, image science, image engineering and visual science. The group represents the merging of two research groups in the University of Westminster, the Imaging Technology Research Group and the Computer Vision Group. It consists of staff from the Faculty of Science and Technology, and the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design, having long-standing records in research activities relating to the above scientific fields

Our activities include the physical measurement of images and imaging system characteristics, computational methods for image analysis, content retrieval and interactive visual environments. Inter-relationships between physical measures, computational methods and models and image perception are major group interests.

Research areas, expertise and applications

  • Digital image quality and metrics
  • Image psychophysics
  • Visual modeling
  • Image analysis and interpretation
  • Human motion and behaviour modelling
  • Statistical methods for pattern recognition and 2D texture descriptions
  • Content-based image and video retrieval
  • Interactive visual environments
  • Colour imaging and management
  • Imaging applications (forensic, medical, archives)

CVIT has close collaborations and runs joint research projects with the Royal Photographic Society, the Home Office’s Centre for Applied Science and Technology, the MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), and the Medical Imaging Working Group of the International Color Consortium (ICC). 

Our laboratories are equipped with specialist apparatus that enable physical attributes of images and systems to be quantified, while modern psychophysical laboratories are dedicated to subjective image evaluations and visual experiments.

CVIT members are involved in the teaching of the BSc in Photography and Digital Imaging Technologies, the BSc in Clinical Photography, BSc in Computer Games Development, and in the group’s PhD programme.

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