The staff of the Polytechnic and the University have always played a key role in both the learning experience of the students and in the running of the institution.  Quintin Hogg’s initial vision began with him and his sister Annie teaching bible classes in the Covent Garden area of London. However, as the institution grew and moved into Regent Street, so too did the range and number of classes and the levels of staffing required.

Initially the Regent Street Polytechnic focused on evening courses in technical and vocational subjects but by the 1920s there were 2,500 day students and classes were increasingly offered in arts-based subjects.  Today the University offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a range of subjects, from Accounting and Architecture to Computing, Fashion and Law; and undertakes international research in media, biosciences and geography.

The University has employed a wide variety of staff from various backgrounds, many of whom have worked at the institution for a large part of their career. In 2002 the University opened the Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s first international university and the first in Central Asia to offer a Western education. Today, the University of Westminster staff include academics, technicians, librarians, designers and administrators.

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