The University of Westminster actively encourages sustainable travel. According to our 2016 Travel Survey, the majority of our students and staff travel to the University by public transport, bike or on foot.

The Sustainability Team is delighted to announce that the University of Westminster has successfully implemented the 2015–16 Travel Plan and we are very proud to have received a gold certificate from WestTrans

The new Travel Plan has been created for 2016–17.

Public transport

The easiest way to visit us at Regent, New Cavendish, Marylebone or Harrow is by public transport. All of our campuses are accessible by tube, train or bus.

You can find our locations and plan your journey using Transport for London (TfL) journey planner and Live Bus Arrivals. Check out how to travel cheaper with an Oyster card.


Most of our sites are centrally located and easy to access by foot. Walking is a great way to find your way between our campuses and around London. Not only is walking important for your health and wellbeing, it has an important impact on local environments, economies and communities. Plan your route with Walk It.


Cycling to, from and between campuses is one of the most environmentally sustainable methods of transport. It can save you money and is good for your health. You can find out more about cycling in London on the TfL website.

We have cycling facilities available at every campus, including bicycle racks, lockers and showers. If you don’t own a bike, check out Santander Cycles or our Cycle Scheme for staff. You may also want to register your bike here or get it checked for free by our Dr.Bike project at our campuses.

Car sharing

Rather than driving alone, why don’t you share a car with our fellow staff and students through Go Car Share? Your journey could become a lot more interesting, and most importantly, greener.