Together learning, teaching and research make up the University's core purpose, and they enable us to realise our full potential to address social responsibility and drive forward sustainable development.

Initiatives such as the Learning Futures Programme confirm the University’s commitment to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The Westminster Distinctiveness is one of four projects within the programme with the aim of creating a distinctive learning experience for University of Westminster students, who will become distinctive graduates. It also looks to embed sustainability and social responsibility within the curriculum and co-curricular activity through the demonstration of a set of defined graduate attributes. As such, students are able to demonstrate:

  • Critical and creative thinkers,
  • Literate and effective communicators,
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Global in outlook and engaged in communities, and
  • Social, ethically and environmentally aware

The campaigns and events organised by the Corporate Social Responsibility team also work towards these aims.

Also, through our staff intranet, academics and other members of staff have access to a set of resources, to the Learning Futures monthly update, and to the list of all relevant contacts. At Westminster, we recognise academics as ‘dual professionals’, who need to maintain currency with learning and teaching alongside their disciplinary and professional fields.

By 2020 we aim to foster a culture where all staff are fully engaged in achieving the success of our single shared vision through our People Strategy: Valuing Our Staff Experience.

As part of our senior commitment, the Learning Futures Programme Board reports to the University Executive Board and hold frequently meetings to review and measure its objectives.