Michael Moore

Topic: Courses
Subject: Transportation Planning and Management
Status: Student
Time period: 1980s

Michael Moore studied for a postgraduate degree in Transportation Planning and Management at the Polytechnic of Central London in the early 1980s. In this excerpt he discusses the course structure and his fellow students.

MM: I was based at Marylebone Road doing the MSc transportation and planning management course and there was probably just about 12 of us.  We were a fairly mixed bag as I remember and we had a gentleman from Fatti from I think it was two years ago, a lady called Modfa from Zambia.  Most of the students were English and I think the most popular aspect of the course was probably the airline management aspects, which was Professor Revis Steganis was here at the time was a very well-known academic, so we started off doing a basic introduction to all aspects of transports, you know, airlines, shipping, passenger transport, railways, statistics I remember I hated.  I think my tutor was David Ribberley and I remember Alan Jessop teaching statistics and who else do I remember?  That’s all the names of the academics I can really remember at the moment without looking at my notes, but we used to have fairly intensive sessions sort of Monday to Friday.  

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