History, Sociology and Criminology

The social sciences are all about understanding the world around us: how we got here, how society operates, how we get along – and sometimes don’t – and who really pulls the levers of power. At Westminster, we offer a range of social sciences courses which are designed to challenge you, stimulate you, maybe provoke you, but certainly to help you see and understand the modern world in entirely new ways.

Our expertise spans the disciplines of history, sociology and criminology, and we provide a terrific choice of modules, many of which are unique to Westminster. You can also combine our courses with politics or English literature, giving you even more scope to study the subjects you love. We make as much use as we can of our amazing location in the very heart of London, and see the metropolis as a great opportunity in which to explore, network, experiment, test, learn, think, socialise, thrive, debate, argue and enjoy.

Dr Martin Doherty, Head of the Department of History, Sociology and Criminology.


Sociology at Westminster is a hub of interaction and exchange. We set out to host a dialogue between students from all over the world, between different classes, cultures and beliefs.

Our teaching begins at this fascinating social intersection, using our students' rich experience as the starting point of sociological investigation and using London itself as our greatest learning resource.


History remains among the most fascinating and best-loved of the arts and social science disciplines, and the history degree at Westminster offers an exceptional and distinctive programme, making the most of our West End location.

The course is modern and UK-focused, but as Britain was shaped by her relationship with Europe, the empire and the wider world, there are many opportunities to study European, American and imperial history as well. A distinctive element of the degree is its focus on the history of London.


With crime frequently in the news and always an important issue, a degree in criminal justice has never been more relevant. Westminster’s criminologists are concerned with who commits crimes and how offenders should be punished, but at the heart of criminology are fundamental questions about how ‘crime’ is defined, how criminal law is made, how definitions of crime and justice vary historically and cross-culturally. Where better to study this fascinating discipline than in the heart of the UK’s policing and criminal justice systems?

The Regent Campus Experience

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Our courses are divided into three distinct areas, Sociology, History and Criminology.

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Equality and Criminal Justice, History and Sociology.

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Department of History, Sociology and Criminology at the University of Westminster based at Regent Street, London.