HEAR frequently asked questions

What does a HEAR look like?

The HEAR is a document whose contents and format follows a nationally agreed scheme which Westminster is adopting. The HEAR will be delivered in electronic format to allow it to be easily shared with your future employers or admission tutors.

Download a sample University of Westminster HEAR document.

What level of information on module marks will be published in the HEAR?

The HEAR will contain the overall module mark achieved. Only passed modules and condoned credit modules will show on the HEAR.

What non-degree related achievements will be included in a HEAR in section 6.1?

Only recognised activities will be included. These have been formally agreed by the University’s Learning and Teaching Committee. A full list of the activities that will be recorded, and the criteria that must be met in order for them to appear on the HEAR is available on our Additional achievements page. It is expected that further activities will be added in the future.

As a member of staff, how do I get a new 6.1. Activity approved?

If you are a member of staff and know of an extra-curricular activity that should be included in section 6.1, please complete the HEAR 6.1. Extra – Curricular Activity Approval Form

If you have any queries regarding the form, please email [email protected]

Can I choose what information is included in my HEAR?

Most of the information on the HEAR is nationally defined and cannot be changed. However, you will have the option to not display some of the items in Section 6.1.

Why are postgraduate students not getting HEARS?

The national requirement for the provision of the HEAR is for undergraduate students only. However, consideration is being given to providing HEARs for postgraduate and PhD students at a later date.

Can undergraduate students who started before September 2014 get a HEAR?

Unfortunately not. This is because the HEAR requires us to collect additional student information that is not being recorded at the moment. If we were to produce the HEAR for students who started before 2014, there would be blanks in the document that we would be unable to fill - especially regarding extra-curricular activities.

Do I need to ‘opt-in’ to receive a HEAR?

No, HEARs will be issued to all undergraduate students as a matter of course, starting with the cohort of undergraduates who started at Westminster in September 2014. However, students are required to activate their Gradintelligence account in order to access their HEAR and share it with employers.

Students are also encouraged to consider how they can make the most of their HEAR, eg. by thinking about engaging in extra-curricular activities that the University can verify, to help them demonstrate wider experience and skills.

How do I access my HEAR?

HEARs will be electronic documents that will be accessible via the Gradintelligence website. You will be able to share your HEAR with potential employers or other universities, and can also use the system to build a CV and search for employment.

What is Gradintelligence?

Gradintelligence is the service Westminster is using to deliver the HEAR electronically. Gradintelligence is owned by the Tribal Group who supplies the University’s Student Records System, SITS.

More information is available from Gradintelligence.

How do I register with Gradintelligence?

Students who started their Undergraduate course in September 2014 will have received a registration email from Gradintelligence to their University email address. Students who started their course in September 2015 will be sent a registration email in December 2015. You will need to register with Gradintelligence so that you have a secure way of accessing your HEAR.

What do I do if my activation link has expired?

The activation link, within the Gradintelligence email expires after 30 days. If your link has expired, please email [email protected] and an email will be sent to you with a new activation link. 

Why have Gradintelligence accounts been set up?

We are working in partnership with Gradintelligence, part of the Tribal Group who supply our student record system, to produce HEARs. HEARs are virtual documents that can be accessed via Gradintelligence whilst you are studying at the University and after you have left.

How much does the HEAR cost?

There is no additional cost to students to join Gradintelligence or receive a HEAR.

How do I share my HEAR with an employer or another university?

The Gradintelligence website gives you the option to share your HEAR with employers or institutions by sending an electronic token which enables them to view the HEAR.

Details about how to do this are available on the Gradintelligence website.

If you have any further questions about the HEAR, please email [email protected]

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