Westminster Extra

'Westminster Extra' is the name we've given to the broad range of extra-curricular opportunities available to you at the University.

All of our extra-curricular opportunities aim to help you develop the skills and experience needed to succeed in your studies and beyond. Last year, over 2,500 students participated and benefited from these opportunities.

There are opportunities for paid employment through the Talent Bank and Student Ambassador scheme. You can also take part in paid internships or can apply to be mentored.

You can prove and develop your skills through volunteering and can be a mentor to other students by becoming a ‘Friend of Arriving New Students’. Our Westminster Associates Scheme provides training and school placements if you're interested in embarking on a teacher training course or becoming a teacher.

Our foreign exchanges offer a unique chance to internationalise your student experience, gaining valuable transferable skills too. You also have the chance to learn a new language or brush up on an existing language by taking part in our Polylang programme.

The Students' Union also offers opportunities across the spectrum, including media training and the chance to become a student representative.

If you'd like to expand or hone your IT skills, sign up for our free IT training.

Undergraduate students

Meet our ambassadors

Read why our current ambassadors applied for the role and how they’ve found the experience.

Flags outside the Regent Street campus

Polylang - the University's open language programme

Learn a language as part of or alongside your degree.