A Research Data Management Policy has been approved for the University. The policy sets out the University's expectations for the management and sharing of research data.

The policy is relevant to all researchers, including postgraduate students. Anyone undertaking or supporting research should ensure that they are familiar with it.

Responsible data management

Many funding councils have policies on research data that expect data underpinning published research articles to be made as openly available as possible in a timely and responsible manner.

The policy will ensure that research data are managed in a way that considers the requirements of collaborators, funders, and research participants. The policy covers:

  • responsibilities
  • data management plans
  • data retention after project completion
  • publication of data and justifications for withholding access

Policy development

The policy was approved by Academic Council in June 2017 after consultation with and approval by the following committees and groups:

  • Research Data Management Working Group (Feb & May 2017)
  • Graduate School Board (May 2017)
  • University Research Ethics Committee (March & May 2017)
  • IMBG (R&KE) (May 2017)
  • Academic Enterprise Committee (May 2017)
  • Research Committee (March & June 2017).

It was developed by the Head of Research and Scholarly Communications Team within Libraries & Curriculum Support (LCS) in collaboration with the Digital Curation Centre and involved a wide consultation process, with input from representatives of groups across the University on which the policy may impact.

This policy continues to meet existing funder requirements as of April 2020 and will be reviewed during the 2020–21 academic year.

Relevant policies

The University's Research Data Management Policy is aligned with policies referenced by the University’s Research Framework including:

  • Framework for Research Governance
  • Research Strategy 2015–2020
  • University Code of Research Good Practice
  • Code of Practice Governing the Ethical Conduct of Research
  • Academic Regulations for Research Degrees
  • University Policy on the Dissemination of Research and Scholarly Outputs

Many of the University's main funders also have policies on research data or data sharing, broadly aligned with UKRI'S policies and guidance on open research.

The University also has a number of other policies relevant to research data management including:

More information

For advice on compliance with University or funder policies on research data, please contact .