The Cognitive Clinical Neuroscience Research Group is working on the following projects:

    Visual cortex markers of preattentive processing

    Tony Towell; Maria Flynn; Alki Liasis (GOSH)

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    Dandelion flower



    Eye-tracking in infancy

    Dr Haiko Ballieux

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    Close up of a baby's eyes



    Dissociating mental imagery, working memory and conscious perception

    Dr Juha Silvanto.

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    Blurred people



    Neuropsychology in Traumatic Brain Injury

    Trudi Edginton and Catherine Loveday

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    MRI scan of a brain



    Spatial disorientation and cognitive performance

    John Golding in collaboration with Imperial College (Clinical Neuro-Otology, Medical School) and Kings College.

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    Cut-away of a model of a brain



    Using SenseCam to enhance consolidation and retrieval of memory in an encephalitis patient with severe retrograde amnesia

    Catherine Loveday in collaboration with Martin Conway (University of Leeds).

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