European retrofit network

Colin Gleeson worked on this project, which began in 2010 and involved collaboration between ProBE, the Max Lock Centre and Groundwork London, with partners in Poland, Spain and Montenegro. It provides a methodology for retrofitting social housing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions with an analysis of their VET requirements for an EU-wide retrofitting industry.

This research was carried out on behalf of the European Social Fund for the European Retrofit Network.  The University of Westminster partnered Groundwork London, the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation, the University of Podgorica and 3Si Seville, with London based site based projects in Queens Park and Newham.

The University of Westminster was contracted to provide a methodology for retrofit which would place retrofitting in a European context and explore the technical issues involved in the retrofit process.  The main outcomes concern carbon dioxide savings from individual retrofit interventions, a skills analysis of the labour requirements and the impact on occupants in terms of disruption.



The University of Westminster research team consisted of Tony Lloyd-Jones, Colin Gleeson and Junli Yang.

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