Westminster Business School hosted a virtual recruitment event on the skills businesses will be looking for post-covid and the advantages a Master’s from the University can give you in this fast-changing world.

Westminster Business School recruitment webinar

During the webinar, which was hosted in partnership with Advent on 13 April, prospective students joined to hear from four academics at Westminster Business School to learn about what’s new in the postgraduate programs in 2021, the admissions process and support for international students.

The panellists – Professor Harry Thapar, Dr Vincent Rich, Nuala OSullivan and Sean Flynn – came from across Westminster Business School and all represent a range of expertise and areas.

Throughout the session the academics discussed a number of the skills businesses will be looking to employ post-covid including the importance of digitisation, relevant digital skills and digital/data literacy.

Elsewhere the idea of agile working/agile project management and how important this approach is in a post-covid world was also discussed as a crucial skill. Attendees learned about how those who had an agile approach to work thrived during the pandemic whereas those who didn’t employ this approach fell behind.  

The need for organisations to have project managers who can adapt in short timescales was also raised as a key skill which combines with the concept of agile working.

Talking about the event, Dr Katalin Illes, Associate Head of Westminster Business School, said: “I was very impressed with the high quality webinar on ‘What Skills Will Businesses Be Looking to Employ From Now On?’. Panel members from Westminster Business School offered insightful comments on the skills post-graduate students will need and how they can be developed.”

Westminster Business School will be presenting three more recruitment webinars. Details of the next event – ‘The Triple Bottom Line Revisited’ hosted by the School of Organisations, Economy and Society on 13 May – are available on the Access MBA website.

The School of Applied Management will host a webinar on 24 June and the School of Management and Marketing will also host one on 15 July. Details to be announced soon.

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