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Katalin Illes is a committed promoter of leadership and organisational development.

Her work includes public speaking, research, lecturing, coaching and consulting. Katalin has led and developed innovative, creative, trust based networks and partnerships to promote practice-based, life-long growth of individuals, communities and enterprises around the world. She is a leader of transformational change.

Over the past 20 years she has contributed to the development of collaborative, successful and humane organisational cultures to fulfil both individual and corporate potentials.

Prior to joining the University of Westminster Katalin Illes was the Director of International Development in China's first liberal arts college in 2012-2013.

Dr Illes has also held leadership and academic positions at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. She has developed and lead multi-national collaborative academic programmes in Denmark, Hungary, India and Switzerland.

Katalin Illes has been the adviser of senior management teams and has been assisting the leadership development of executives both in the UK and abroad. Katalin is a qualified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and promotes mind-body connections and well-being in organisations.

Katalin Illes's degrees include an MBA from Heriot -Watt University, a PhD and an MA from the University of Budapest.


Katalin is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She has a wealth of experience in teaching Leadership, Personal and Management Development and Intercultural Communication on post-graduate and executive programmes. With her innovative pedagogy she builds bridges between theory and practice, encourages critical thinking, action based experiential learning and finding creative solutions.

Her three day Ethical Leadership workshop raises awareness about the importance of living by our values and considering the impact of our individual and corporate decisions on future generations.


Katalin's current research interests include ethical leadership; leadership embodiment; spirituality and leadership; trust; and innovative approaches to leader development. 

Katalin acts as supervisor to PhD, professional doctorate and MA, MBA candidates. 

She also works with business organisations. She was commissioned by a consulting firm to complete a piece of research and highlight the interrelatedness of Leadership, Trust and Communication in 2014. This report offers recommendations for leaders in different levels of the organisation on how to become more inclusive and transparent in their leadership.