Fees and funding

Tuition fees

Our tuition fees vary depending on the level of study, subject and study options, and are subject to annual change. They can also depend on where you were living and what you were doing prior to studying at Westminster, as well as your nationality. All undergraduate courses and some of our postgraduate courses have Home and Overseas tuition fee levels. Every applicant is assessed to find out which they should pay.

Most Home fee payers are residents of UK and other countries in the European Union. Most Overseas fee-payers are from outside of the European Union.

Will my fee status be Home or Overseas?

We use the information you supply when you apply for your course to work out if you should pay Home or Overseas fees. The criteria we use for assessing your fee status are set by the UK government. You can get more information on your fee status by visiting the UK Council for International Student Affairs.

Visit our central Fees page for details of our course fees.

Tuition fees can often be paid in instalments, and many international students are eligible to obtain a discount for prompt payment of their annual fees. For full details, visit our Payment methods and refunds page.

Living costs

Before coming to the UK, you will need to organise your money to ensure you have enough for the length of your course - working part-time when you get here will not provide enough money to fund your studies. You'll also need to investigate the best ways to transfer money into the UK. The visa requirements stipulate certain amounts that you'll need before you can get a visa to come to the UK.

In addition to tuition fees, you will need to factor in your living costs for your time with us. This will typically include the costs of accommodation, travel, food and drink, social activities, etc. If you are applying for an international student visa you will need to show that in addition to your course fees, you also have enough money to cover these living costs.

Visit our Living costs page for more information.

Working and studying

Many of our international students carry out part-time jobs during their studies. London offers a wide range of possibilities for such work, though combining work with a demanding Westminster course can be challenging. Students are able to work in all kinds of organisations.

Get in touch with our Student Advice team for more information about visas and work.


Our award-winning International Scholarships programme offers a range of financial support packages to students from all over the world.

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