Mosaab Alaboud, Saudi Arabia

Architecture and Environmental Design MSc

"Before the pre-sessional course I had finished a seven-month General English course in a nearby 'English as a foreign language' school. I started at pre intermediate level and finished my course at advanced level. I attended the 12-week pre-sessional course at Westminster. The first six weeks I found relatively easy, but the next six weeks it became much harder then the previous six weeks in terms of the writing. I was very worried about my writing and the pre-sessional has really helped me."

Lauren Bertoldo Balen, Brazil

International Study Abroad

"Before the pre-sessional course I only had English classes in my school in Brazil and also I made a few short trips abroad in countries like Ireland and the US. Therefore, I knew how to speak English, but I never had experienced a long time learning academic English as I did in the Pre-Sessional course, which I believe was essential to have a high English level and be able to go to a university in the UK.

The pre-sessional course was an amazing experience where I developed my academic English skills and I learned how to write excellent essays. The teachers were absolutely great, always very friendly and helpful. They gave us all the necessary support to make sure that all the students were going to finish the course prepared for the University's challenges.

The pre-sessional course gave me the essential tools to do my assignments and to participate in University classes with no fear."

Duc Nguyen, Vietnam

Architecture and Environmental Design MSc

"My experience before the pre-sessional course was that I did not speak English much and I felt shy when speaking English.

I felt happy during the pre-sessional course. Teachers always tried their best to help me to understand lessons.

The pre-sessional course helped me a lot for my Masters course. I feel more confident than before and it is easier for me not only to study but also to do teamwork."

Ziming Wu, China

Business Management BA (Honours) - International Business

"Before I came to the pre-sessional course at Westminster, I studied in RENMIN University of China for two years and I also studied for three months in a school which provided a General English course because my English level was poor. I think attending the pre-sessional class is one of the most important things in my life.

I learnt a lot of English skills and improved all parts of my English quickly. I also made a lot of friends in class, including some Japanese friends.

I think this pre-sessional course has taught me how to write essays and do presentations, which is very useful for my degree. It has also helped me to understand the academic course I am currently studying."

Other students' testimonials

"Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed your lessons during the course. I am so lucky to have met with great teachers and a great University. I will recommend the course to everyone." (December 2014)

"I have found the content of the course really useful. The teachers have been really competent and well prepared. It was a pleasure to be taught by them." (December 2014)

"It was an excellent experience of learning Academic English in a creative way, using the internet, interactive boards and computer labs. The teachers were very friendly and helpful in all tasks." (December 2014)