The information on this page is for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) Needs Assessors.

Non-medical help support rates

Download the Non-medical helper rates for Disabled Student Allowance needs assessors below.

Recording of university lectures and availability to students

Courses have different modes of teaching which are suited to specific learning outcomes, and so we are not able to provide a generic answer on the recording of lectures.

Please contact the relevant course department for specific information relating to their arrangements for recording lectures/classes. You can contact the relevant course team directly via our general enquiries line: + 44 (0) 20 7911 5000.

Additional printing, scanning and photocopying for disabled students

We have doubled the printing, scanning and photocopying allowance for its disabled students:

  • Full-time students: £30 a year (standard printing allowance is £15/year)
  • Part-time students: £15 a year (standard printing allowance is £7.50/year)

Assistive technology available to disabled students

  • Details of the current assistive technology and software are on our Disability Learning Support page.
  • Students at the University of Westminster can download Microsoft Office for free, more details on this and other available software can be found on the managing your money page.
  • We do not offer in-house Assistive technology training and we do not currently offer Dictaphones loans for students.
  • Some reading materials are available in digital format, students can contact the library for further details of available digitally available texts. 

In-house Non-Medical Help (NMH) support and rates

We offer in house 1:1 Specialist Study Skills tuition and Specialist Mentor support. Information on our Non-Medical Help support rates can be found below.

Study skills support

We provide a confidential service in the West End (New Cavendish Street) and in Harrow. Our rooms have specialist equipment and standard AV facilities.

Our in-house specialist study skills support is one-to-one support and is entirely centred around specifically tailored strategies to improve students’ academic outcomes. We can help students understand their individual cognitive profile, embrace their strengths and help them work on areas they find more challenging.

Where students already use a range of compensatory strategies, we will work with them to refine these and to introduce new ones. Our sessions can cover the fundamentals of producing assignments;

  • planning assignments
  • structuring assignments
  • organisational and time management skills

We also work with students on the development of effective strategies for note-taking, whether that be in lectures or from texts, and reading. Where appropriate, we integrate some assistive technology strategies, helping students make the most of their DSA equipment and software where relevant.

Specialist mentoring

We provide a confidential mentoring service in rooms based in our Counselling Service in the West End campuses and in Harrow.

Mentoring is designed to support students through any aspect of university life that may pose a barrier to getting the most out of their time here. Coming to university can be a really rewarding and positive experience, but equally, it can be tough and stressful at times.

We work with many students facing a variety of different challenges as a result of their disability. These can be related to academic matters or managing university life. We will work with students to devise appropriate strategies to cope with the demands of being a student so that they are able to work to their full potential.  

The mentoring offered at University of Westminster has been established for many years. Mentoring is delivered by professionally qualified counsellors who have particular skills and expertise of working with students from a variety of backgrounds and disabilities.

They are also very integrated within the University and work closely with other student support services and academic staff. Their knowledge of the University systems and their close working links with academic and support staff means that they are able to offer the most appropriate and timely support.

Service level agreements for external Non-Medical Help providers 

If you are an external provider delivering a service to our students, please read the NMH service agreement below and return it signed to [email protected]. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the document.

Course details for writing a needs assessment for a student

For any queries regarding:

  • Course Name
  • Course Start Date
  • Course End Date
  • Year of Study
  • Mode of Study
  • Intensity of study

please contact the appropriate faculty registry office directly.

Financial assistance towards the student contribution for computers

Students can apply for the Computer Cost Assistance funding, please see our Disability Learning Support funding page for more information.