The Postgraduate Cafés are a series of workshops, led by Academic Liaison and Learning Development, dedicated to postgraduate students.

The workshops are enriched by activities, discussion, and opportunities for students to share tips on academic skills specifically relevant to postgraduate studies.

The Postgraduate Cafés take place in room M321 at Marylebone campus on selected Tuesdays. All postgraduate students are welcome.


Date Workshop Description

Tuesday 28 January, 4-6pm

Identifying and Developing your Dissertation Topic

Get a head start on your dissertation. This session considers choosing and narrowing topic choice, developing a question and mapping your ideas.

Tuesday 4 February, 4-6pm

Researching and referencing

This session provides strategies to improve your research and perfect your referencing.

Tuesday 11 February, 4-5.30pm

Dissertation proposals

Stuck with your dissertation proposals? This workshop illustrates what a dissertation proposal is and what its structure should be, including research aim(s), objectives, questions and/or hypotheses.

Tuesday 25 February, 4-5.30pm

Literature reviews 

This workshop explores how to plan and write an effective literature review, with specific focus on literature reviews for dissertations.

Tuesday 3 March, 4-5.30pm

Writing the methodology chapter in a dissertation

Find out at this workshop what a methodology chapter is and what it should include, and explore the notions of primary and secondary sources, qualitative and quantitative research methods, and ethical considerations.

Tuesday 10 March, 4-6pm

Dissertation writing up

This workshop focuses on the writing-up of your dissertation. It explores dissertation structure, argument, criticality, and language.

Tuesday 17 March, 4-5.30pm

Academic language

Refine your formal writing. Keep rational, objective and clear. Understand when to use passive or active forms. Write strong paragraphs. Add a bit of sophistication. Sound more academic.

How to attend

To book a place at a Postgraduate Café, please visit EngageGo to booking page on Engage.