RICS APC: Case Study Preparation Course

LocationMarylebone, Central London

This evening class prepares you for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS) assessment of professional competence (APC), focusing on the critical analysis (case study) template submission.

We will look at the array of RICS APC submission documents and provide tips to use and traps to avoid. Importantly the course will consider how options can be drawn out and appraised in the context of practice issues being raised in the critical analysis report or case study example.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for you if you are undertaking the RICS APC final assessment across all pathways.

It is also for you if you are a supervisor or counsellor working with candidates who are sitting for their final RICS assessments, and you would like to undertake formal continuing professional development.

Course content

The course will provide you with a technical, professional and practical outlook on the subject of document submissions. It will support those undertaking the APC across all pathways.

You will gain an understanding of:

  • the current published assessment guides and supporting pathway information
  • best practice on final document completion
  • common traps for the unwary
  • good writing skills
  • distilling issues and appraisals from case studies

Teaching and learning methods

The course will be delivered using a formal lecture approach, and will give you the opportunity to interact using questions and answers throughout. It will be supported by a presentation and a course reader.

We will use a wide variety of learning methods and techniques including:

  • sharing experiences with colleagues
  • case studies
  • debate and discussion
  • presentation
  • self-directed reading and research
  • reflection
  • evaluation

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • understand the assessment framework, which is published by RICS for those seeking professional membership
  • appreciate the importance of the production of high-quality submission reflecting real-life candidate experience
  • construct a critical analysis report that provides a range of issues, options, critical appraisal and reflective analysis
  • review how a professional report should be written including the appropriate use of grammar, spelling, syntax and sentence construction
  • analyse and reflect on different issues that can arise out of a range of case study examples 

The knowledge and understanding gained from this course will help you demonstrate both a technical understanding and practical appreciation of how the topic matter is used in the surveying profession.

Michael Pain, Principal Lecturer

Michael joined the University of Westminster in 2009 and has extensive experience in the industry. He continues to practice as a chartered surveyor, specialising in landlord and tenant issues and commercial rating. He regularly receives appointments as arbitrator and independent expert from RICS and is one of the longest-serving chairmen of the RICS APC.

The programme counts for two hours of formal continuing professional development. A certificate of attendance will be available after the course.