Negotiated Learning

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This module is a vehicle for an individually determined activity that builds on work you are engaged with, but that is contextualised through higher-level (Master's level) intellectual skills and practice.

The aim of this module is for you to develop an area of your practice in education through self-planned activity, negotiated with relevant colleagues such as your line manager, that demonstrates the attributes of Masters-level academic working.

It provides an opportunity for you to approach learning experientially through planning strategies and milestones, self-appraisal and review, applied to an activity or study relevant to and your field and your work. It also gives you the opportunity to experience learning through a widely used pedagogic approach that is increasingly relevant to flexible and organisational learning.

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10 February 2017 1 semester flexible £975 Apply via UKPASS
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This module can be taken as either 20 or 40 credits, and can either be taken in semester 1, semester 2 or as a year-long module.

Course content

The syllabus content is principally negotiated between the tutor, you and your employer or manager, and is outlined in a learning agreement for the notional 200 hours of learning effort.

The introduction to the module will address:

  • refining a suitable focus, and agreeing appropriate learning outcomes and assessment criteria for Masters-level work
  • understanding the tutor support available, including support related to the particular assessment format chosen
  • the use of the learning plans and a learning journal or blog to monitor progress
  • critical appraisal and evaluation skills, reflexive self-directed learning
  • the syllabus content, beyond this framework will be developed as part of your learning agreement

Teaching and learning methods

The module is primarily self-directed learning with tutor support, peer mentoring, discussion groups and a learning journal. The learning activities and planning will be supported through online interactive learning sessions and workshops, blogs and discussions.

You will be supported by:

  • an online tutor, who will engage through the blogs and discussion board
  • online tutorial feedback on learning work-plans
  • progress evaluation and review (a developmental tutorial during the module)
  • feedback on the first draft of outputs for assessment

It is also possible to take this module twice. A second registration will expect negotiation of a different focus for the work.


The experience of designing and working through a self-determined assessment that is work-based provides congruent experiential learning that is increasingly relevant to a lifelong learner and organisational learning needs, working within a community of practice.

The module includes:

  • a negotiated learning agreement (for developmental feedback) – 0%, but required
  • an agreed output including reflective appraisal of learning and change – 100%

The specific learning outcomes for a particular assessment will be negotiated with your tutor, and will be set out in a learning agreement. Guideline characteristics for these are given below.

On successful completion of this module, in the context of your chosen topic or focus related to your role in education, you will be able to:

  • design a learning work-plan linked to individual and organisational workplace and professional objectives, and identify outputs informed by your understanding of current theoretical, methodological approaches and ethical considerations, and how these affect the way the knowledge base is interpreted
  • demonstrate initiative and originality in problem-framing and problem-solving, critically analysing incomplete or contradictory areas of knowledge and synthesising information in an innovative manner, applying knowledge and processes at the forefront of the field
  • critical and reflective evaluate personal learning through the achievements and outputs of your learning agreement, drawing on feedback from relevant stakeholders, and identify areas for further work
  • work effectively in a team (as a leader and a member), with self-awareness and able to clarify tasks and make appropriate use of the capabilities of other members
  • engage effectively in academic and professional communication, reporting clearly and appropriately to a range of audiences

Applicants should normally hold a first degree from a recognised institution (minimum Lower Second Class Honours or international equivalent), demonstrate interest and motivation in the subject area, and be teaching at least 72 hours per year at UK higher education level 4 or above, including in further education, private college settings and internationally (international qualification levels taught will be checked against UK equivalents).

Alternative professional qualifications with at least three years' relevant professional experience will also be considered.

If English is not your first language, you will need an IELTS score of 6.5, with a minimum score of 6 in each element.

Guidance for internal applicants

If you are a University of Westminster employee or PhD student, we require less information from you as we already hold some of it in the HR systems. We have produced a document to take you through the UKPASS process and let you know what you need to fill in. Please download and refer to our UKPASS application guide (PDF).

Internal applicants (including PhD students) also need line manager approval to gain exemption from course fees. Please complete the fee exemption form (DOC) and upload it when applying through UKPASS.