Leadership and the Techniques of Improvisation: How to Bring out the Best in People

LocationMarylebone, Central London
FacultyWestminster Business School

This improvisation skills workshop is part of our Leadership Perspectives series. Designed for board members and senior managers, these highly focused workshops are facilitated by hand-picked subject experts with deep experience across all business sectors.

"Improvisation frees us from being perfect, being in control, thinking ahead, and second guessing. It can feel like jumping into the abyss at first, but once you jump, fear turns into excitement, and your imagination kicks in."
Linda Naiman, Corporate Alchemist

In this stimulating and intensive session, facilitated by co-founder of the Comedy Store Players and international business coach and trainer Neil Mullarkey, participants will learn how to apply the skills and techniques of improvisation in the workplace to communicate and engage, collaborate, respond quickly and effectively, and adapt to rapid change in the workplace.

Course content

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • be able to approach difficult conversations and circumstances with increased confidence
  • understand how to respond rapidly to make the best of uncertain or ambiguous situations
  • have learned a range of tools and techniques that enable you to collaborate more effectively with your colleagues and staff
  • use humour to help create an environment within which your team or organisation can flourish

Watch our video to find out more about this workshop:

Neil Mullarkey co-founded The Comedy Store Players with Mike Myers and has worked with some of the most talented names in comedy, film and TV. He now uses his unparalleled expertise on the stage to inspire people and businesses to embrace their creativity and enhance their communication skills.

Neil's clients include Unilever, Google, Deloitte, GlaxoSmithKline, Microsoft, Vodafone, the NHS, Saatchi & Saatchi and WPP.