Research projects

Abir Ahmed
The flipped classroom and Vodcast.

Maria Blanco-Hermida
Vocabulary learning strategies of successful language learners.

Maysa Bogao
Formative assessment in non-accredited language education.

Paul Breen, Julio Gimenez, Richard Paterson and Martin Percy
Diversity, mobility, and internationalisation: Enhancing international student writers' experiences through dialogic relationship.

Fiona Daniels and Kate Weir
Language and Assessment Tasks: An investigation into which languages appear to be most affected by using an English Base Paper (EBP) in designing reading and listening tasks.

Egiarte Gimenez, Margarita Sandoval, and Debora Staryfurman
Inclusive learning materials for language learning.

Richard Hennebert
Beyond fluency: An examination into how programmes, examinations and coursework can affect self-esteem in FL fluency development.

Beatriz Hernandez-Usero
Pedagogical materials on Blackboard for Spanish Polylang-Grade 2.

Huang Dian
An experiment on combining cognition with cultural input: Teaching and learning Chinese  number-related metaphors.

Christine Martin
Students' perception of their written work in IWLP foreign language classes.

Daphne Vallas
Cultural content in the foreign language classroom: An investigation into teaching French to multilingual classes in London.