Our health assessments allow you to comprehensively understand your energy expenditure, metabolic rate, body composition and blood profiles, helping you understand your current state of health and providing insights into how these variables compare to normal ranges for your age.

Used in conjunction with our human testing and fitness consultancy services, these assessments form an integrated package of specialist advice to enhance lifestyle, well-being and performance.

BodPod: Body composition

The BodPod is a highly accurate, non-intrusive, extremely rapid method of measuring total body fat and lean mass. 

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A female athlete sitting in a pod with a glass window, whilst a female in a white coat attends outside the pod

Resting metabolic rate

Our metabolic measurements include Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and substate utilisation and energy expenditure.

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Health testing package

Our health testing package includes the measurement of body composition (Bodpod), resting metabolic rate and a blood screening test.

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Cycling fitness test

Blood testing

We can provide specialised blood tests, as well as the blood profile tests including liver function profile, bone profile, fatigue profile and many more. 

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Counselling services

If you're an organisation, institution or business and recognise that your staff are struggling with different issues, our Only Connect counselling services can help.

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Our Polyclinic provides low-cost access for the general public to treatments in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Western herbal medicine.

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