The University of Westminster has a team of qualified sports scientists available to give advice on all aspects of fitness and exercise performance training. Our services and high-tech facilities are suitable for amateur through to elite sports men and women looking to better their performance.

There are three main physiological components of endurance performance: having a high maximal aerobic capacity, sustaining a high percentage of your max without accumulating lactate, and being efficient in transferring power with little wasted energy.





VO2 max test

A VO2 max assessment should be part of any good fitness assessment, as it allows athletes to accurately gauge their aerobic (fitness) levels and monitor the effectiveness of training.

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Physiology workshop assessing fitness

Lactate threshold assessment

A lactate threshold assessment can help highlight your key physiological strengths and where you could improve.

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A male athlete cycling on a bicycle whilst someone in a white coat measures their output.

Substrate use during exercise

Our state-of-the-art metabolic equipment will measure your energy expenditure and substrate utilisation in real-time at rest (Resting Metabolic Rate) and during a range of activities.

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An image of a digital screen with numbers, attached to someone doing physical activity behind.

Performance packages (levels 1-3)

The performance packages provide a small discount for grouping specific measures together. There are three levels available.

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An athlete sitting in the BodPod chamber - a pod with a glass window. The athlete is smiling.

Health services

We offer health services that allow you to understand your energy expenditure, metabolic rate, body composition and blood profiles to help you identify potential weakness for health and exercise performance.

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Workshops for schools and colleges

Our exercise physiology workshops allow students to learn about their health, the sciences and human performance in a hands-on way. They can experience and participate in demonstrations of energy-systems testing or investigate how their hearts, lungs and muscles function during exercise.


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Physiology workshop assessing fitness